Facebook’s Original TV Shows Could Be Coming Next Month

Facebook's Original TV Shows
Facebook's Original TV Shows Could Be Coming Next Month

Facebook is reportedly taking aim at Netflix and signaling its intention to enter the video streaming battle. According to resources, Facebook’s original TV shows will be debuted next month. Allude to multiple sources close to the project, reports assert the company is planning to launch 24 shows over the next couple of months.

The social media titan is gearing up to divide these TV shows into two different categories: long-term or large-scale programs with an adequate amount of money for production and shorter segments of about 10 minutes per episode that would refresh every 24 hours.

Facebook's original TV shows

In other words, Facebook’s original TV shows will let Zuckerberg’s empire vie with movie streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube. Facebook has been constantly laying focus on videos and it has allegedly green lit the release of about two-dozen TV shows. According to CEO Zuckerberg,

“The goal is going to be creating some anchor content initially that helps people learn that the video tab [is] a great destination where they can explore, and come to Facebook with the intent to watch the videos that they want. And then the long-term goal is actually not to be paying for specific content like that, but doing a revenue share model once the whole economy around video on Facebook is built up.”

It has been rumored that the high-tier content will appear on a refurbished version of fb’s video tab along with its video app on Apple TV, which the social media giant debuted in March. Right now, it’s unclear if Facebook has any plans to seek a subscription-based model for its media content. However, it’s likely it will instead rely on advertising revenue and put ads in the middle of its original TV shows.

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As per reports, co-founder of CollegeHumor Ricky Van Veen is in-charge of securing exclusive FB original TV shows. The media content is anticipated to largely target the teen and young adult demographic to compete the success of Snapchat in courting younger users.

One of the leaked sources claims that a virtual-reality dating show from Conde Nast Entertainment has been in the list of Facebook’s own original TV shows, while several A-list celebrities have also been tapped to appear.

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With over 2 Billion users, it’ll be interesting to see how Facebook handles the launch and how it decides to carry out its plans. Would you watch fb’s long-term shows as an alternative to the likes of Netflix and Hulu? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Facebook's Original TV Shows Could Be Coming Next Month
According to resources, Facebook’s original TV shows will be debuted next month. Reports assert the company is planning to launch about 24 shows.
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