Five Things To Do Before Selling Your Android Device

Five Things To Do Before Selling Your Android Device
Five Things To Do Before Selling Your Android Device

Planning to sell your Android phone? Before moving further or selling your Android device, make sure you have copied all your personal data from your smartphone and then removed it so that no one can misuse the data on your smartphone. If you are not a tech-savvy and are not well known to the proper steps then no need to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s check all the steps one-by-one and make the process of selling your Android device really simple for you. Here we go:

Steps to follow before selling your Android Device

1. Backup your data and settings to your Google account

First and foremost thing that needs your concern is to backup all your important data. Before selling your Android, ensure all your data has been backed up by you, such as contacts, documents in Google drive, calendar entries, Gmail, web browser bookmarks, etc. To start with the process, simply head to Settings > Accounts (tap Google). Now sync everything you desire under the Google account option.

Along with backing up your data, you can also concentrate towards backing up your passwords and other device settings. For this simply navigate to Settings > Backup & reset > Device backup.

This process will cover most of your things, but in case you have some larger files like apps to back up then you can rely on some one-stop solutions like MyBackup Pro, etc.

2. Back up your images and videos

You can back up all your important images and videos to the cloud or can go for manual back up that is to your PC. To back up your Android images and videos to the cloud, there are a plethora of options available like Dropbox, Google Photos, OneDrive, and then some. All these cloud storage options automatically back up your images as you capture them or when you are connected to a Wi-Fi. You can even boost the speed your Android’s Wi-Fi. Here’s how.

Other suitable way to back up your Android’s images and videos is your computer. Just connect your device to your system and back up your Android’s data. If there is an SD card in your phone, then some data may be saved there along with your phone’s memory. Head to both locations one-by-one and then open DCIM folder. Just copy and paste whatever media or file you need from your Android to your computer and then delete your Android’s DCIM folder so that no one can peep into your private data.

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3. Back up your call logs and texts

If you want to back up your call logs and text messages, then the process will be somewhat different. One of the easiest ways is to use some app like SMS backup and restore. The app will not only save your messages but also call logs to a file that can be uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox. And if you want to transfer your data from your old Android to new then you can do it directly using Fast Transfer.

4. Encrypt your data

Once you are done with backing up all your data, it’s time to delete the whole from your Android. A simple factory reset would not be enough for this; instead you will have to encrypt your data. To start the process, navigate to Settings > Security > Encrypt Phone.  Apart from encrypting your smartphone, you can also encrypt the SD card. This step is needed only if you are planning to sell it along with your smartphone.

5. Perform a factory reset

Lastly, perform a factory reset to put your Android back in a fresh-out-of-the-box state by going to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset. From here you can reset your phone with ease.

Here’s to hope this post will prove helpful for those who are planning to sell their Android device. Don’t forget to use all the above tips before selling your Android device. Happy Selling!

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Five Things To Do Before Selling Your Android Device
Planning to sell your Android? Before moving further or selling your Android device, make sure you have copied all your personal data from your smartphone.
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