Netflix for Rooted Android Phones Will End Up Soon

Netflix for Rooted Android Phones
Netflix for Rooted Android Phones Will End Up Soon

In the name of preventing piracy, the company has made it official that Netflix for rooted Android phones will soon become unavailable. So if you suddenly cannot download the Netflix app on your rooted Android smartphone, then you aren’t alone in the dilemma. Netflix for rooted Android phones is no longer visible on Google Play. The users with a device that is not Google-certified or those that have been altered are unable to find the app.

According to the statement of a spokesperson, the decision of ending Netflix for rooted Android phones is all about a shift in copy protection. From now, Netflix app (version 5.0) is under Google’s Widevine digital rights management to help prevent piracy issue. As a result, the company had to do something with the incompatible devices.

Although the news isn’t exactly a shock, it does bring some issues along. If peeped inside, there’s probably a price for the u-turn in the strategy. Given that one can download shows, piracy becomes a matter of big concern now. Theoretically, stripping the copy protection from the downloaded copy of a Netflix series seems much better than ripping the stream itself.

So when you try to root a device in order to access better control over the OS, you are likely to circumvent that DRM than you’d otherwise. As Netflix for rooted Android phones ends, it is surely going to have some impact on users worldwide.

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The step might not be affecting many people. But it can possibly (and adversely) hurt rest of the well-meaning users. According to Netflix, the app will not work anymore with the modified Android devices. However, some sources claim that the app still works if you somehow manage to install the app by sideloading the APK (for now). In addition to, the Google Play listing seems tied to the fact that whether you are eligible to run Android Pay or not, not Widevine itself.

Now, this is something that can create issues. Those with a device having unlocked bootloader, they might be simply denied the easy access to Netflix for Android; no matter they are using the untouched, secure firmware.

In any way, despite that Netflix for rooted Android phones is going to end up soon, the determined fans aren’t going to give up so easily. You can use root methods that will go undetected. The majority of users who use rooting or else modify their Android phones are only interested in customizing. Some of such users may now need to decide between keeping the root access and watching their favorite shows like Stranger Things.

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Netflix for Rooted Android Phones Will End Up Soon
Netflix for rooted Android phones will soon become unavailable. The move has been taken in order to prevent piracy and for copy protection.
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