Ransomware Cyber Attack: Everything from tips to handling the issue

Ransomware Cyber Attack
Ransomware Cyber Attack: Everything from tips to handling the issue

With the advancement in the technology and use of Internet for almost everything, the world is going through a high risk of cyber attack at present. After the news circulated regarding a major and possibly deadly ransomware cyber attack, people all over the globe have been searching for a way to tackle the problem. According to an agency in Europe, despite the availability of antivirus and other rigid solutions in hand, the risk still lurks in and is expected to show up again today. Sources confirm that the latest ransomware has affected more than 2 lacs systems from 150 countries till now.

Given that Monday was expected to be the main focus of the ransomware cyber attack, here are some handy tips that can help you stay safe and possibly avoid any kind of damage to your system.

How to prevent Ransomware Cyber Attack from affecting your system:

Here are some tips to avoid Ransomware Cyber Attack on your own:

  • Do not open any mail from unknown sender or source.
  • Do not open any mail whether from a contact you already know that has some absurd title or subject.
  • Do not open your private emails in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or RediffMail until the authorities do not come up with a solution for Ransomware Cyber Attack.
  • Try to avoid using or plugging in pen drive, personal pen drive, or any other external device of your company or otherwise into your personal system.
  • Beware while shopping online through e-commerce websites or clicking on any third-party websites.
  • Be careful while using any social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and try to least use them for a while.

How to Detect If You Have Already Been Hit by Ransomware Cyber Attack

If anytime while using your system you see the image below on your screen, it’s confirmed that your system has been hit by the Ransomware Cyber Attack.

ransome ware cyber attack image

Best you can do is to shut down your computer at earliest and consult an IT specialist for further assistance.

Although there’s no fix to this latest Ransomware Cyber Attack, for now, the IT team is working on a possible fix to avoid it and offer a reliable solution for the issue.

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Ransomware Cyber Attack: Everything from tips to handling the issue
You can follow the tips and methods mentioned in the article to prevent your system from being hit by the Ransomware Cyber Attack.
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