How to Fix Galaxy S8 Audio Problems

Fix Galaxy S8 Audio Problems
How to Fix Galaxy S8 Audio Problems

It’s been hardly a month and users have started experiencing issues with the audio on Samsung’s latest flagship. The new duo is in hot news these days due to sudden audio cut offs. But you don’t have to worry as here we will tell you quick ways to fix Galaxy S8 audio problems on your own.

The issue is minor and you can handle it yourself, without needing to visit the store. In this post, we are going to show you two possible ways to fix audio problems in Galaxy S8.

Except the battery issues in S8, owners of Galaxy S8 are enjoying the experience of using one of the best-ever phones ever made. But even the sunny day is followed by dark night, and so is the case with the new phone. AND we aren’t talking about the absurd placement of the fingerprint reader!

Users of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are finding some issues with its audio. On many Samsung’s community discuss forums, users are complaining about the audio cut offs on their devices. The issue persists while streaming videos, playing games or music. The spoiler seems to lurk inside the inbuilt speakers, where using headphones becomes a way to circumvent the issue.

Until now, the exact cause or root of the issue is still unknown. The condition has worsened and made it difficult to consider the issue to be a software bug or a hardware defect. If you are also suffering the same, here’s our solution to fix Galaxy S8 audio problems.

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Before you get started with Samsung Galaxy S8 audio issues, here are a couple of things you can consider first.

  • Is your phone on mute?
  • Are your headphones connected via Bluetooth or attached physically?
  • Did you recently check and install any software updates?
  • Did you check notification settings? Notification alerts may mute audio temporarily.
  • Is there something inside the headphone jack?
  • Has your device been wet in any manner or submerged in the most recent time? If yes, then let it dry for a while.

In case after checking all these conditions you are still getting the same audio problem in Galaxy S8, these are the methods to fix the issue.

There are some other minor issues with Samsung Galaxy S8, which you can easily resolve.

Easy Ways to Fix Galaxy S8 Audio Problems:

Resetting Your Device

The first and probably the best way to fix Galaxy S8 audio problems is to perform a factory reset. Forget not to back up all your data before doing so. To get started, simply go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset. Users who have microSD card inserted should remove it before resetting and then reinstall it later on. Many users have claimed on Samsun’s official forums that performing factory reset has resolved the audio problem in Galaxy S8.

Using Your Fingers

Weird yet handy, some users found that pressing an inch or two above the speakers on their device has solved the problem. This trick to fix Galaxy S8 audio problem has successfully restored the audio immediately after doing so. Be careful while you put pressure to your new phone as you wouldn’t want any further damage to it.

Did the fix work for you? Let us know in comments how the post had helped you.

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NOTE: If none of the fixes work for you, please contact your carrier or Samsung for further assistance. The issue can also be a result of any accidental damage.

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