How to Create YouTube Playlists With Google Spreadsheet

Create YouTube Playlists
How to Create YouTube Playlists with Google Spreadsheet

It’s possible to create YouTube playlists with Google Spreadsheet, various different Google formulas, and a couple of YouTube videos. As it’s not connected to YouTube channel, it will be an anonymous playlist. Moreover, it’s easy to share a collection of multiple videos in an email newsletter or on the social media sites like Twitter and WhatsApp.

Create YouTube Playlists With Google Spreadsheet: A Quick Guide

It’s a simple process to create YouTube playlists with Google spreadsheet. To do so, follow the steps listed below:

        1. Open the Google Sheet
        2. Place the URLs (or links) of YouTube videos in column A, one video per cell that starts with Cell A3

Create YouTube Playlists - Google Sheets

While you paste the links of videos in cell A, the column B will get occupied with the video ID. On the other hand, the column C will include a video thumbnail. It will help you double-check that the video link is really pointing towards the projected video.

            1. Once you’ve written the video URLs, head over to cell A1, see here
            2. You’ll get a link to YouTube playlist, ready to share with others

The playlist link will be automatically updated in case you remove or add videos from column A. Apart from this, you can also share your Google sheet with friends and collaborate together to make YouTube playlists with spreadsheet.

YouTube Playlist Generator – How does it work?

While pasting the URL of the video in column A, the REGEXTRACT formula will use the below-mentioned RegEx (Regular Expression used to search patterns in text) for extracting the YouTube video ID.

=REGEXEXTRACT(A3, “youtu(?:.*\/v\/|.*v\=|\.be\/|.*?embed\/)([A-Za-z0-9_\-]{11})”)

When the video ID is available, the IMAGE formula is applied to make the video thumbnail for that YouTube video.

=IMAGE(“”&B3&”/hqdefault.jpg”, 4, 80, 120)

After you done the above-mentioned steps, you can now create YouTube playlists. It’s a straightforward URL hack where you concatenate the video IDs using the JOIN() method and create a live link with the HYPERLINK() method.


It should be noted that the generated YouTube playlists have not been saved in your Google account. On top of that, you can also make a permanent YouTube playlist where a number of people can work together with Google Form and Google Scripts.

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How to Create YouTube Playlists With Google Spreadsheet
It’s a simple process to create YouTube playlists with Google spreadsheet. You can share multiple videos in an email newsletter or on social media sites.
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