Coke and Popcorn is No More!

Coke and popcorn is no more!

Bid adieu Coke and Popcorn! Coke and popcorn, the most popular online movies and TV streaming site which was updating for a long time is finally closed.

The administrators of the coke and popcorn site have finally declared that the site has been shut down, though no reason behind the closure is specified by them. According to them, the decision of bidding farewell to the site is final and can’t be changed.

Now it seems that users will have to find another alternate from where they can stream content. The fun behind the whole story is that now the admins of the site are suggesting movie streaming lovers to be aware of using copycat websites and switch to reliable source like Netflix. The site reads:

“If you see other fake duplicates of CnP in the future who claim to be us, we urge you NOT to use them as they all will probably serve harmful virus & malicious ads and hidden software that WILL harm your computers & steal your private information. “

Though the actual reason is not known, it is expected that there can be some kind of legal pressure behind shutting down the site. On the other hand, Admins of Coke and Popcorn states that the site was not going well with torrent followers worldwide, thus they are voluntary closing down the coke and popcorn website.

The site was in existence for several years and had managed to stay out of the notice of the anti-piracy groups and media companies, as a result evading any takedowns or DMCA notices.

The sudden close down and suggestion to move to Netflix shows that there is something that is hidden behind the curtains. This unexpected decision of the death of coke and popcorn website only make us think that what’s the exact reason behind the closure of the movie streaming website.

For those who are looking for the alternative to the coke and popcorn website, not to worry! We’ll soon come up with the list of top rated movie streaming websites. Stay tuned!

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Coke and Popcorn is No More!
Coke and popcorn, the most popular movie streaming site which was updating for a long time is finally closed.
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