20 Best Travel Apps 2017 for Android and iOS

Travel Apps 2017
20 Best Travel Apps 2017 for Android and iOS

Are you looking for travel agents to plan a trip for you? Seriously! Who needs one when you have a smartphone? No doubt, planning a tour can be a pain, but it’s 2017 and you’re blessed with all the essential tools to make your vacation a five-finger exercise. From the Google Play Store to App Store, here’s a rundown of the 20 best travel apps 2017 to keep stress to a bare minimum. So before you pack your bags and slap on the sunscreen to make your journey memorable, make sure your smartphone is packed with the travel app of your choice. Let’s take the plunge.

Best Travel Apps 2017

  1. Hipmunk

Travel Apps 2017 - Hipmunk

With an outstanding flight and hotel search engine, Hipmunk grabs the #1 position in our list of the best travel apps for Android and iOS. The app presents a fast and all-in-one travel planning and booking solution, allowing you to search flights on the basis of price, flight duration, and a number of stops. You can even take advantage of the last minute hotel deals, view reviews, and check out heat maps that show hotel immediacy to entertainment venues, dining, and shopping.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Airbnb

Travel Apps 2017 - Airbnb

Airbnb is the perfect travel app in 2017 that makes booking your accommodation a cinch. Additionally, the app includes guides for local inspiration and a section for booking experiences.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Waze

Travel Apps 2017 - Waze

Nothing ruins the fun out a vacation than getting stuck in traffic. However, loading your phone with the Waze app can spare your frustration. The navigation app shows the real-time traffic information on the basis of other Waze users. The data includes speed traps, accidents, and other hazards that keep you from reaching your destination in a timely manner.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. App in the Air

Travel Apps 2017 - App in the Air

App in the Air may have a gimmicky name, but there’s a reason this app grabs a powerful position in our list of the best travel apps 2017. It provides you with the real-time flight updates, airport navigation maps and tips, as well as gate changes, meaning that you’ll never find yourself recklessly running through an airport terminal. Best of all, you can even get updates while remaining offline, so you’ll incur no roaming charges in case using the app overseas.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Booking.com

Travel Apps 2017 - Booking app

Known as one of the world’s best travel apps 2017, Bookig.com lets you search for the best deals on more than 1 million hotels and homes around the globe. It also comes with over 107 million reviews, which help you decide where to book. What’s more, you’ll get an instant booking confirmation after you’ve completed your booking.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Skyscanner

Travel Apps 2017 - Skyscanner

If you’re looking for the perfect deal on domestic as well as international flights, Skyscanner is the ultimate choice for you. It performs this magic by comparing prices across billions of flights and thousands of airlines. You can book flights directly from the app along with the provided links to travel agents or airlines. The app even enables you to narrow your search results based on airline, price, cabin class, take off and landing times, etc.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Hopper

Travel Apps 2017 - Hopper

Another app among our travel apps for iOS and Android is Hopper, whose key selling point is the use of an enormous database of airline prices and chronological trends to forecast that when prices of a destination are expected to be lowest, when they’re going to change, and the perfect time to buy a ticket for a specific date and destination. You can even save your payment details within the app for a quick booking.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. British Airways

Travel Apps 2017 - British Airways

British Airways lets you book flights, check-in, choose seats, as well as download a digital boarding pass so you don’t need to go near a check-in desk or printer if you only have hand luggage. Additionally, it has live departure gate and in-flight info, meaning that you can choose which movies to watch online while you wait for your flight to board.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. LoungeBuddy

Travel Apps 2017 - LoungeBuddy

Are you looking for a great airport lounge to kill time between flights? If so, download the LoungeBuddy app on your smartphone right now. It is one of the best travel apps 2017 to help you find airport lounges in over 500 airports across the world. The app includes a Lounge Access Wizard that enables you to enter trip details, service level, and any other applicable elite benefits or memberships.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Cleartip

Travel Apps 2017 - Cleartip

Book hotels, flights, and trains with Cleartip. Originally founded in India, the app now boasts over 10 million users worldwide. With the ability of securely storing card information, you can do one-click purchase of plane tickets. The app can search for the best deals on hotel rooms in more than 15K cities across the globe.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. TripIt

Travel Apps 2017 - TripIt

TripIt is the app that promises to cut back on the travel inconvenience by combining your travel plans into a simple and convenient route. Apart from being viewable online and synced to your smartphone, you can even share your routes with your contacts. All you need to do is just link your email account to TripIt and the app will automatically dig through your inbox for reservation confirmations and other forms.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Citymapper

Travel Apps 2017 - Citymapper

In case you desire to move around like a local while abroad, Citymapper is the app you require. Supporting a large number of major cities around the world, you can use the map app to plan a route using any mode of transport the city offers. Plus, it provides live updates on closures and delays. With so many features under the hood, the app ranks among the best travel apps 2017.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. GasBuddy

Travel Apps 2017 - GasBuddy

If road trips are more your thing then consider GasBuddy, one of the best mobile travel apps 2017. It helps you track down the cheapest gas in your region. You can use your GPS location, or search by the zip code or address. Given that most of the prices are based on user reports, GasBuddy rewards users with points for reporting and updating a station’s prices.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Expedia

Travel Apps 2017 - Expedia

Expedia is regarded as one of the world’s most popular all-in-one booking apps. With the app, you can book hotels, flights, rent a car, and even book tickets to tourist attractions as well as theme parks. It has the ability to book bundle deals, so your flights and hotel are all included in booking, saving you even more money.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Glympse

Travel Apps 2017 - Glympse

Are you seeing the sights in one part of town while your traveling friends are hoping to meet up in another area? If yes, switch to Glympse for guidance. It is a free location-aware app that sends a link if your current location and an ETA, making it super easy to find each other even in unfamiliar settings. It allows you to share your locations as a group and selectively customize location sharing. As the app works straight off your existing phone contacts, you don’t even need a signup.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Guides by Lonely Planet

Travel Apps 2017 - Guides by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet made its way among the best travel apps 2017 by creating in-depth travel guides. Within the app, you can download the guide for the city that you’re going to visit and then select the category you want the information for. The category section includes things to see, places to sleep, places to drink, places to eat, and places to play. What’s more, the app comes with even phrasebooks, allowing you to converse with the locals.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Circa World Time

Travel Apps 2017 - Circa World Time

Whether you’re a business traveler who needs to coordinate with the home or a tourist trying to avert calling family and friends at odd hours of the night, keeping track of time zones can be a pain. Circa offers a simple and intuitive display that provides your local time along with the current time across a plenty of user-defined cities and time zones.  In addition to this, you can set opening and closing times for each location, providing a way to quickly discover when each team member is available.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Google Trips

Travel Apps 2017 - Google Trips

One of the exceptionally useful travel apps 2017 designed by the search mogul is Google Trips. You can use the app to collate all of the info about your trip and being Google, it offers a variety of suggestions of things to add once you’re there. It pulls in all of your bookings for your tour from your Gmail account and brings them together. It means you can find deals from a number of different places at the one place rather than having different apps, emails, etc.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. AccuWeather

Travel Apps 2017 - AccuWeather

The next one in our list of the 20 best travel apps 2017 for Android and iOS is AccuWeather. It features 15-day forecast summaries and 5-day forecasts. It even comes with the hyper-local AccuWeather MinuteCast, which features zeroes on your GPS location to give you minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts out to the next two hours.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. Google Translate

Travel Apps 2017 - Google Translate

Google Translate is yet another travel app developed by the search engine. It offers various methods of translation such as text translation, where you type a phrase and it gets translated into whichever language you choose. It also has the camera translation mode, where you point your camera at text and the translation appears on your phone’s screen. Quite useful, isn’t it?

Platform: Android and iOS

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