Google Play Music Crashing Bug
How to Fix Google Play Music Crashing Bug

Google Play Music version 7.9.4920 has started rolling out today with support for notification channels in Android O and a revamped search history view. After the update, most of the users have reported that the app crashes while launching and consequently, they are not able to listen to their music or even can’t use it at all. The latest update to the app rolls into a crashing loop with the message “Google Play Music has stopped”. Continue reading to know how to fix Google Play Music crashing bug.

Fix Google Play Music Crashing Bug

There are some useful additions to the music app but the update has brought a pesky Bluetooth bug along with it. It looks like Bluetooth is the root cause of this crashing bug.

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If you launch Google Play Music when you’re connected to Bluetooth, the app will crash. You can disable the Bluetooth connection before launching that allows the app to function normally. There’s an easy but temporary fix until Google updates a new build of Play music that has fixed this issue. In this article, we’ll tell you how to fix Google Play Music crashing bug. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Fix Google Play Music Crashing Bug 

Google Play Music Crashing Bug

The latest Google Play Music update is reportedly causing the app to crash as soon as users try to open it. Google is working on the issue but in the meantime, you can fix it by following this simple workaround.

The below walkthrough will show you how to fix Google Play Music crashing bug.

  1. First of all, navigate to the Settings menu of your phone
  2. Scroll down until you find the Bluetooth option and then, toggle it off
  3. Once you’re done, you can reopen Google Play Music

That’s all! This way you can fix Google Play Music crashing bug. The app works well when you’re not connected to Bluetooth. However, there’s no fix yet, but we expect Google to update the app and fix the issue.

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How to Fix Google Play Music Crashing Bug
In this article, we’ll provide you a way on how to fix Google Play Music crashing bug. Continue reading to know more about the fix.
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