20 Coolest iOS 11 Features You Should Try Now

20 Coolest iOS 11 Features You Should Try Now

Excited to explore the best new iOS 11 features on your device? You should be as iOS 11 is considered as one of the biggest updates Apple has released yet, especially for iPad owners.

The tech mogul Apple has showed off iOS 11’s features at WWDC 2017, but it just only touched the surface of what the latest OS has to offer. As the public beta of the operating system is now available, we’ve borrowed into its psyche to find all the skeletons in its closet, all those things you’ll never know it can do. Hold on your breath as we’re going to reveal all the 20 coolest iOS 11 features, which will surely gild the lily of your device. Let’s get started.

Coolest iOS 11 Features

  1. Apple Pay Gets Friendly

iOS features - Apple Pay

Apple is invading Venmo’s territory by introducing Apple Pay Cash feature to its Messages app. It enables you to send money via your credit or debit card to your friends and family members. Once they receive it, they are able to make Apple Pay purchases or transfer to their bank accounts. With this new feature, you can even request them to send you money in Messages.

  1. The App Store Gets a Huge Update

iOS features - App Store

The iOS App Store is taking a cue from the Apple Music look with its new redesign. Now, it includes a Today view chock-a-block with new apps’ information, in-app purchases, stories, and even how-tos. Besides, apps and games also obtain their own tabs, ratings, and reviews.

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  1. Siri Translates Languages

iOS features - Siri

Another hugely popular feature among the best new iOS 11 features for iPad is that Siri can now translate English to other languages such as French, Chinese, Italian, and Spanish. So, if you ever need to ask someone something while traveling or just want to communicate with your foreign friend, simply speak to Siri and then have Siri speak your words aloud in a different language.

  1. Control Center is Customizable Now

iOS features - Customizable Control Center

With the latest iOS 11, you can now customize the Control Center. In the Settings, it lets you add, remove, and rearrange options in the pull-up menu; however, you’re restricted to Apple apps and services.

  1. Flashlight Gets Another Intensity Option

iOS Features - Flashlight

Do you 3D Touch on the flashlight icon in the Control Center? If you do so, you’ll notice that now there’re four intensity options rather than the three ones (low, medium, and high). The names have been removed, so you’ll have to guess at the what the fourth one is called.

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  1. Safari’s Video Player Looks Better

iOS features - Safari Video Player

Although the video controls in iOS 10’s Safari weren’t terrible, they look much better now. The video controls are one of the outstanding iOS 11 features for iPhone and iPad and take up less space over a video. The biggest plus is its new volume slider for full-screen videos. It shows only as a speaker icon unless you long-press on the icon or use the hardware volume buttons, which brings up the slider.

  1. You Can Screen Record Without Your Mac

iOS features - Screen Record

There’s now a new Screen Recording option that is hidden in the Control Center’s customizable settings. So, you no longer need some shitty third-party apps or Quick Time on your system. All you need to do is simply add the option to your Control Center and then hit the icon to start recording. What’s more, if you 3D Touch on it, you can enable the microphone as well.

  1. One-Handed Keyboard

iOS features - One-Handed Keyboard

Realizing that most of the iPhone owners have flocked over to third-party keyboard apps, Apple finally added a noteworthy enhancement to bring everyone back – a one-handed typing mode. This merely squishes the stock keyboard over to the right or left side, allowing you to type without stretching your thumb out too far. This one among the best new iOS 11 features is surely going to steal the hearts of all iOS users.

  1. Share Wi-Fi Passwords with Nearby Devices

iOS Features - Share WiFi Password

No more typing out long and complicated passwords on your iPhone with this #9 feature among our best new iOS 11 features. Now, you just need to ask someone who is already connected to the network to share his/her password with you over the air without even typing. Provided that both devices are running iOS 11, this feature works like a wonder.

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  1. Disable In-App Prompts for Ratings and Reviews

iOS Features - Disable Reviews and Ratings

The Cupertino-based tycoon Apple was already gearing up this new ratings and review system back in iOS 10.3, but the system-wide toggle to disable feedback requests inside apps only emerges in a handful of betas. And now, once again it’s back in iOS 11.

  1. File Manager App

iOS Features - File Manager app

Hyped as one of the wonderful iOS features for iPad during WWDC 2017, Apple’s new file manager app, called Files is also available on iPhone now. In case you’re unable to find your iCloud Drive app then let us tell you it’s because it is now a part of Files. Finally, you can add other cloud storage accounts to this app like Dropbox and Google Drive, however, at the moment, it’s only iCloud Drive.

  1. Portrait Mode Works with OIS, HDR, and Flash

iOS Features - Portrait Mode

Due to some vague reasons, Apple ditched these options from the Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, but iOS 11 adds support for them. The optical image stabilization option is always on now and you can use either flash or the high dynamic range option while taking ‘Depth Effect’ portraits.

  1. Scan QR Codes in the Camera App

iOS Features - Scan QR Codes in the Camera App

With iOS 11, it’s time to say hasta-la-vista to all of your QR code apps as they aren’t going you to assist you anymore. Apple built a QR code scanner right into the Camera app, so merely point your camera at a QR code. Then, it will prompt you with what to do next, whether it’s adding a new contact on your device, opening up a link in Safari, or connecting to a WiFi network. In this way, you can use QR codes in iOS 11.

  1. New Formats for Pictures and Videos

iOS Features - Formats for Pictures and Videos

Formerly, the Camera app captured photos in JPEG and videos in H.264. But in iOS 11 features, there are new formats for pictures as well as videos. The iPhone maker has smacked that up to the compression formats that can save you twice as much space. The new High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) will substitute for the old JPEG files, whereas videos will be using the H.265 video coding format. Well, you can turn them off by dipping your toes in the Camera Settings if you want.

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  1. You Can Select a Still Image for Live Photos

iOS Features - Still Image for Live Photos

Till now, when you have to use a still image for live photos, there’s always the need of a third-party app like Google’s Motion Stills app. It was a big deal since sending a Live Photo to a friend on Android wouldn’t illustrate what you actually desired to show. However, with new iOS 11, Apple has fixed it. Now, all you need to do is simply tap on the Edit icon at the bottom and then drag the cover photo frame on the slider to wherever you like. Next, hit the Make Key Photo option to set it and then tap on the Done button to finalize.

  1. New Loop & Bounce Live Photo Effects

iOS Features - Loop effect

Loop and Bounce Live Photo effects are one of the best new iOS features. The Loop effect loops a Live Photo just like a normal GIF would. On the other hand, the Bounce effect bounces a video back and forth continuously.

  1. Take Live Photos in FaceTime

iOS Features - Live Photos in FaceTime

Love to take Live Photos in FaceTime? If so, you will be glad to know that the ability to take Live Photos in FaceTime is also added as one of the new iOS 11 features. Just like you can capture photos while recording a video in the Camera app, you can take screenshots of video calls in the FaceTime app. They aren’t the normal screenshots, they are Live Photos.

  1. Dark Mode

iOS Features - Dark Mode

Dark Mode is one of the anticipated iOS 11 features that has arrived. In order to use it, head over to the Display Accommodations section and turn on the Smart Invert option.

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  1. Zoom Maps with Only Your Thumb

iOS Features - Zoom

While zooming in was always quite easy to do with one thumb as you only need to double-tap on the Maps screen, zooming out was the tricky part. There was no way to zoom with only one finger, but Apple has fixed it in iOS 11. Merely double-tap and hold, and then move your finger up on the screen to zoom in and down to zoom out.

  1. Emergency SOS is Finally on iPhone

iOS Features - Emergency SOS

Some iOS betas as well as Apple Watch got some Emergency SOS love already, but the feature has only been live in India so far. Now, it seems that Apple wants to make it available for everyone in the US. Emergency SOS is one of the best iOS 11 features that allows you to click on the Wake/Sleep ( aka Power) button 5 times faster to make a call to 911 and you have the option to set up emergency contacts that will receive constant text updates as to your current location.

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20 Coolest iOS 11 Features You Should Try Now
Excited to explore the best new iOS 11 features on your device? You should be as iOS 11 is considered as one of the biggest updates Apple has released yet.
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