How to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Instagram Feed Anonymously

How to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Instagram Feed Anonymously
How to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Instagram Feed Anonymously

With the prevalence of camera phones, photo sharing on social media has touched epidemic levels – even the memorials of popular leaders aren’t exempt. But is there an emotional and psychological fallout? A study conducted by Florida State University researchers Jessica Ridgway and Russell Clayton divulged that people who felt more confident about their body posted more selfies to Instagram. But in turn, they were experiencing more conflict and poor relationship with their lovers. For instance, they were getting resentful arguments from their partners about the attention they were getting from their online photos. So does this mean Instagram is bad for relationships or should be blamed for the rise in illicit affairs?

Well, Instagram may not be the blame, and neither is the Internet because it’s an individual’s choice of which path he or she takes. Still, there is no denying that Instagram and other social media platforms are serving as means for accessibility and privacy. This easy access allows individuals to connect with old flames or explore new affairs even though they might be committed or married. So how can you evade this problem? It requires excessive monitoring of your boyfriend’s Instagram feed in order to keep your relationship strong. With this in mind, here is a failsafe solution to safeguard your relationship against the temptations of Instagram.

• The Solution to Your Problem

Xnspy can solve your problem. The invisible Android spy app lets you actively keep tabs on your boyfriend’s Instagram feed and uploaded multimedia. It holds many aspects that enable you to keep a watchful eye on your sweetie pie’s online actions. Here is what you can do with this Instagram spy tool:
i. View all Instagram photos.
ii. Check time and date details of every Instagram image.
iii. Discover the location of the taken photo.
iv. Know the details of the pictures shared by the target user.

Dig deep to learn more about this online photo and video sharing app. Instagram has a huge impact on the social life of people. Both boys and girls are famished for maximum likes, friends, followers, and comments on their profiles. Getting tagged on locations and pictures is another proud moment for them.

Solution to the problem

• How to Access Your Boyfriend’s Instagram Feed Without His Password?

i. Get your hands on Xnspy and initiate tracker configuration. However, if you are still mulling over whether to buy the licensed version of best Android spyware or not, then weigh in your relationship with few bucks. You will get a clear picture, we can’t stress more on significance of cell phone monitoring software.

ii. To track your partner’s Instagram activities, you need to get a hold of his smartphone for 3-5 minutes, so you can install the invisible Android spy app on the device. In case, you run into any technical problems you can gain support for installing the app by getting in touch with the live chat customer service team.

iii. Once the app is installed, access the control panel with your login credentials (username and password), which app vendor has provided you through email.

iv. Now monitor the Instagram activities of your lover in real-time from anywhere in the world.

v. Sit back and enjoy your scrumptious lunch or dinner while the best Android spyware covertly works in the background and uploads all the data from the target device to your URL account. So you can check every photo from your boyfriend’s Instagram account at your convenience. The best part is, he will never get to know you are keeping tabs on him.

Check emails

• Prerequisites of Installing a Cell Phone Tracking App

Your boyfriend should be using either an iOS or Android device. Else, you will be out of luck because most spy apps are not compatible with platforms like BlackBerry and Windows Phone. There are only a few reliable tracking applications which can efficiently monitor Instagram, so choose wisely. Make sure to read reviews and ratings to pick the best app that can live up to your expectations and prove a true value for money.

• Why there is Need for a Spy Tool to Track Instagram Activities?

Why anyone would let you monitor their Instagram messages in the first place. They are meant to be personal. Following your boyfriend on Instagram isn’t a solution to this problem because he will never do a misdeed when he knows that you are among his social media followers. In case, you ask for his password he will surely not let you access his account so easily because there might be images or videos on his profile which are not supposed to be seen by you. So without further ado, use a spy app to begin the monitoring process and reveal the truth.

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How to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Instagram Feed Anonymously
It requires excessive monitoring of your boyfriend’s Instagram feed to keep your relationship strong. Here's solution to safeguard your relationship.
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