Facebook Celebrates World Emoji Day 2017

World Emoji Day
Facebook Celebrates World Emoji Day 2017

Facebook sets off in hot pursuit of the World Emoji Day 2017. Today, the company settled on a decision to find out exactly which emojis are being used across the globe. After all, Facebook is liable for 60mn emojis each day, exclusive of the 5mn being used on its Messenger app daily.

All across the planet, emojis are the best way to convey laugh – the LOL emoji with tears of laughter is the most extensively used in the world, Facebook states. This emoji is followed by the heart-eyed emoji or love and the kissing emoji.

Facebook World Emoji Day 2017

Recently, Facebook celebrated Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary by providing its users with the hidden Harry Potter spells. In fact, the social media mogul remains always in the lead when it comes to celebrations. Even on its own 13th birthday, Facebook rolled out personalized Friends Day Videos with which nobody is unaware. And now, Facebook celebrates World Emoji Day by showing how many are shared each day.

The usage of Facebook Reactions also differs widely by region. Although the UK continues with the world’s hugely admired LOL emoji, the US and Indonesia use the ‘rolling on the floor version’ or a bit titled laughing emoji. France keeps with a wink whereas Germany together with Thailand favor what’s possibly the forefather of all emojis – a smiley face. Brazil and Mexico prefer the heart eyes while Italy and Spain are big on the kissing emoji.

World Emoji Day 2017 - Facebook emojis country

In the contrast, the emoji map looks quite different on Messenger. Users in the UK, Thailand, and Canada favor the heart for both private and group chat messages. On the other hand, users in India and the US use kissing face emojis. Australia prefers a blushing smile, Indonesia a full-toothed grin, and France keeps with a heart that has been shot by Cupid.

World Emoji Day 2017 - Emojis on Messenger

In order to celebrate July 17, World Emoji Day 2017, Facebook adds a bunch of emoji stickers to its Messenger app including characters from The Emoji Movie, which unlocks July 17. Given that the newly added content is in the sticker format rather than the emoji format, the new Messenger stickers are used by hitting the smiley icon situated in the text field. You can also search for ‘Emoji Movie’ to find the latest and newest stickers in Messenger.

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Emojis are persuading more and more on how users interact online – there’s an emoji dictionary, biggest brands are now making use of them in marketing, and seemingly there’s an actual job title ‘emoji translator’. Facebook has gripped the graphical emotional representation lately by extending its emoji reactions into not just post likes but also into comments.

Whether the dominance of fb emojis transforms you into a real-life LOL or thaw into a pool of tears, there’s an emoji-shaped cake is on order for World  Emoji Day 2017 for you.

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Facebook Celebrates World Emoji Day 2017
Facebook sets off in hot pursuit of the World Emoji Day 2017. Today, the company decided to find out exactly which emojis are used in the world.
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