7 Superb PC Tips and Tricks 2017 You Probably Don’t Know

PC Tips and Tricks
7 Superb PC Tips and Tricks 2017 You Probably Don’t Know

In this era of the technological world, millions of people are busy in doing their work with their desktops, laptops, or mobile phones to increase their productivity. Despite this, many hardcore computer owners are not aware of various PC hacks that can make a big difference in their workflow. With regard to this, we’ll provide you a list of the 7 best PC tips and tricks 2017 you probably don’t know. Let’s dive in to explore them all.

PC Tips and Tricks 2017

  1. How to Download Complete Websites to Browse Offline?

The first hack among our list of useful PC tips and tricks is how to download complete sites so that you can browse offline. Sometimes, you need to access some important web pages, but can’t access them due to slow Internet connection. So, here’s a useful PC trick to access web pages offline. Using HTTrack, you can now download websites to your PC and can easily browse them later while offline.

The below walkthrough will show you how to download any website for offline use.

  • You need to download and install the HTTrack on your Windows PC

PC Tips and Tricks- setup HTTrack

  • Now, launch the software and it will ask you to enter the project name, category, and the default path to save websites you’ll download

PC Tips and Tricks- enter details

  • In the text box, you need to enter the URL of the site you’d like to download

PC Tips and Tricks- enter URL

  • Once you’ve entered the details, click on the Next button
  • The downloading process will start and it will take some time as per the size of website you’re downloading

PC Tips and Tricks- Downloading process

Once the downloading task is completed, you can browse to the saved location and at there, you’ll find the file that will browse the complete website for later use.

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  1. How to Backup and Restore Drivers on Windows 10?

Another important tip in our best PC tips and tricks is for Windows 10 users. It’s a simple yet effective hack that will help you backup and restore drivers on Windows 10 PC. All you need to do is just make use of a software that will create the backup of all drivers on your Windows OS and later, you can restore them whenever you change your OS or some of your drivers get corrupted. So proceed with some simple steps listed below:

  • Download and install Double Driver on your PC
  • Run the program and you’ll get the screen as you can see the image displayed below,

PC Tips and Tricks- Double Driver

  • Now, select the Backup tab and click on the Scan Current System button

PC Tips and Tricks- Backup tab

  • After this, the software will scan all the drivers installed on your PC
  • Now, tick all the drivers you’d like to make the backup
  • Select the path location where you want to save your backup file
  • Now, click on the Backup Now button

PC Tips and Tricks- Backup Now

  • The backup process will start and consequently, the driver backup file will be created on the chosen location

Whenever you want to restore the driver, just open the Double Driver software and click on the Restore button. After this, locate the backup file and the restore process will get started.

PC Tips and Tricks- Restore

  1. How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files from PC?

Using this PC hack, you can find and remove duplicate files from your PC that can waste your system’s storage space. To do so, follow the steps listed below:

  • First of all, download and install the Duplicate Files Finder on your Windows PC
  • Once you’ve installed, launch the software and select the folder you’d like to check for duplicate files on your system
  • Now at the right side, click on the Add button and select the path to scan the file over the directory

PC Tips and Tricks- Duplicate Files Finder

  • Now the software will start scanning files that you’ve selected

PC Tips and Tricks- Scanning files

  • If the software will find any duplicate file, it will display the file path in a message box. You just need to open that file and delete it to save system memory

PC Tips and Tricks- Results

  1. How to Find Devices Connected to Your WiFi Network?

This PC trick will help you find all devices connected to your WiFi network. Let’s have a look at how this trick works.

  • To trace all devices currently connected to your WiFi network, download and install the Wireless Network Watcher
  • Once you’ve installed it, you’ll get the screen just like the image displayed below,

PC Tips and Tricks- Wireless Network Watcher

  • Next, connect to the WiFi network in which you want to check the connected devices and open the software on your system
  • Now, click on Start Scanning

PC Tips and Tricks- Scanning

  • When you clicked on Start Scanning, you need to wait for a while until it completes the search for your connected devices on your WiFi network
  • You’ll see the list of all devices with their IP address that is currently being connected to your device

PC Tips and Tricks- Devices with IP addresses

This way, you can find all devices with the IP address and easily trace the person who uses your WiFi network.

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  1. How to Remotely Shutdown PC from Anywhere with Smartphone?

Yes, it’s now possible to remotely shut down your Windows system with your mobile simply by sending a shutdown request to your PC over the web. Follow the steps listed below to proceed.

PC Tips and Tricks- Airytec Switch Off

  • Once you’ve installed it, you’ll see shutdown icon in system tray

PC Tips and Tricks- System tray

  • Next, click on the icon and select the options according to your need

PC Tips and Tricks- Options

  • Now, right click on the Shutdown icon and go to Settings
  • Next, head over to the Remote section and then click on Edit Web Interface Settings

PC Tips and Tricks- Edit Web interface settings

  • Now, tick the Enable web interface and remain the Authentication unchecked and click on the Apply button

PC Tips and Tricks- Remote section

  • Next, you need to click on View/Update static addresses and jot down the Shutdown URL from there. For the easy interface, you can bookmark this URL in your phone

PC Tips and Tricks- Websites

  • Next, you need to double click on Shutdown icon in system tray
  • Once you’re done, open the URL in your smartphone and you’ll get the interface like the image shown below,

PC Tips and Tricks- open URL in mobile

  • Click on Shutdown button to shut down your PC

PC Tips and Tricks- Shutdown

That’s it!

Continue reading to know about more PC tips and tricks.

  1. How to Recover Deleted Files from Your PC?

When you delete any file from your system, it simply goes to Recycle Bin from where you can comfortably restore it. But what would you do if you accidentally delete any of your important files permanently? Well, that’s not a reason to worry as with the help of Recover My Files data recovery software, you’ll be able to recover deleted files from your computer. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You need to download and install the Recover My Files software on your system
  • While opening the app, you’ll get two options, namely Recover Files and Recover a Drive

PC Tips and Tricks- Recover My Files

  • If you want to recover your deleted files, just select the Recover Files And with this, you’ll be asked to select the drive to search and recover files

PC Tips and Tricks- Select the drive

  • On the subsequent screen, you have to search for deleted files

PC Tips and Tricks- Search for deleted files

  • Once the software has completed searching all the deleted files, you can see them and can recover them by locating the folder

PC Tips and Tricks- Software is searching deleted files

  • You need to unhide the protected files in Windows for locating the given path

Once you browse through the chosen path, you can find all your deleted files and can transfer it to another drive in order to recover it.

  1. How to Use Night Mode Browsing in Google Chrome?

The next hack among our best PC tips and tricks is for those who regularly use their computer at night. Based on Google Chrome extension, it’s a simple trick that will change your browser color and allow you to browse at night without affecting your eyes. Let’s have a look at how this trick will work.

PC Tips and Tricks- Hacker Vision

  • Once it is added, you’ll see that the colors of your Chrome browser will get changed and become comfortable to see in the night

You can pause any time to roll back to the original version of a web page on your browser.

So these were some of 2017 PC tips and tricks to make you more familiar with the virtual world.

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