5 Useful Apps to Stop Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone Addiction
5 Useful Apps to Stop Smartphone Addiction

Let’s face it. We all are addicted to those little pieces of glass that sit in our bags or pockets, i.e. smartphones. With email, apps, and social media all at our finger tips, we’re regularly distracted by the smartphone universe. Most people are just glued to their phones on the trot. The worst of all, many people would look rather into their mobiles than having a conversation with a genuine person. While a smartphone is a vital gadget in this techno-digital era, it’s not something that one should be addicted to. With that, we’ll provide you with some useful apps to stop smartphone addiction.

It’s strange to say it, but the best solution to fight smartphone addiction might be an app. No doubt the online presence is key for maintaining long distance relations and staying in a close contact with your overseas friends, but it’s also similar important to pay attention to the person who is having a real conversation with you. However, turning your phone off is the best remedy to stop addiction with smartphone. But do you really do so? You will think twice before doing so, right? That’s why we have found the best 5 apps to fight phone addiction. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Apps to Stop Smartphone Addiction

  1. Checky

Apps to Stop Smartphone Addiction - CheckyHow many times do you check your phone in a single day? Well, the answer might astonish you if you actually keep track. Checky is a simple yet effective app that tells you how many times you’ve turned on your phone today.

In case the number on the app disturbs you then you might be suffering from smartphone addiction. But you can work to cut down on the time spent on your phone. You should focus on whatever you’re doing instead of mindlessly checking your device. Although Checky won’t magically stop you over-using your phone, it can help you out by monitoring your phone usage.

Platform: Android and iOS

  1. RescueTime

Apps to Stop Smartphone Addiction - RescueTimeRescueTime is yet another app to help you overcome your smartphone addiction. It provides you with the data about how you spend time on your device. The app gives you information on most-used apps, time spent talking on phone, and even tracks your Internet usage too.

Moreover, you can manage the time you spend on your smartphone by setting alerts. It includes historical productivity reports to see a marked improvement. Once you come to know that where your valuable time is being wasted, you can put an end to it via this app.

Platform: Android

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  1. Cold Turkey

Apps to Stop Smartphone Addiction - Cold TurkeyIf you’re right in the middle of an important presentation but your phone is continuously beeping about the text or call alerts then Cold Turkey is the app you need. It comes handy, especially on such occasions as it works like a Do Not Disturb feature.

All you need to do is simply set the time till you don’t want any disturbance. For that specific time period, your phone becomes completely useless. Try this as much as you want to quit your smartphone addiction, but you won’t be able to use your device until the time has lapsed or you deactivate the app. The only disadvantage of the app is that it works for only up to an hour at a time and then you’ll need to set the time again.

Platform: Android

  1. Forest

Apps to Stop Smartphone Addiction - ForestDo you struggle to prevent yourself from continuously checking your mobile? But what if you get rewards for doing so. Quite interesting! Forest is a dead-simple mobile app that rewards you for not touching your smartphone.

When you want to focus on other important tasks, launch the Forest app to plant a tree. In case you desire that tree to cultivate, don’t touch your mobile for the next half an hour. In this way, you’ll be able to fight smartphone addiction.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Freedom

Apps to Stop Smartphone Addiction - Freedom

In case none of the aforementioned tools help you stop smartphone addiction, opt for blocking distracting websites altogether. Freedom is a cross-platform mobile app to let you set a list of sites that distract you and then block them either on a schedule or during sessions that you enable at will.

Best of all, the app is free to use, so you can try your hands on it right away.

Platform: iOS

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