Facebook Shuts Down its Lifestage Social Media App

Facebook Shuts Down its Lifestage Social Media App

Facebook has discontinued its teen-focused social media app called Lifestage. Created by 19-year old Facebook employee Michael Sayman, the Lifestage app was developed for teenagers to find their school mates and connect with them. Instead of direct messaging, students were supposed to share their pictures and videos so that all their classmates could connect on one platform.

Facebook had introduced Lifestage after hearing feedback from teenagers that there was not any social media network to connect them with their classmates.

A Facebook spokesperson stated that

“We originally introduced Lifestage to make it simple for teens in the US to connect with others at their school by making a profile with content that make up their individuality.”

Facebook’s Lifestage Social Media App

Facebook’s Lifestage app never gained much popularity among its users so the social media giant has decided to remove it from the App Store. In addition to the lack of popularity, the app was also mired with security concerns. FB Lifestage app was so focused on teenagers that it blocked those who mentioned their age above 21 within the app from joining a school or searching for other accounts.

But, it was found that this social app which was specifically aimed at high schoolers didn’t have any safety measures to prevent adults from posing as minors. Anyone could easily mention their fake age and pretend to be younger, which ultimately raised privacy concerns.

Facebook’s Lifestage Social Media App screen

In a statement, the social media tycoon said

“Teens continue to make up an important part of the global community on Facebook, and we’ve learned a lot from Lifestage. We’ll continue to incorporate these learnings into features in the app.”

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Facebook Shuts Down its Lifestage Social Media App
Facebook Lifestage was released almost a year ago but the app never gained much attraction so Facebook has officially removed it from the App Store.
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