iPhone 8 Dummy Model Leaked in a New Hands-on Video

iPhone 8 Dummy Model
iPhone 8 Dummy Model Leaked in a New Hands-on Video

With the approaching launch date of the new 2017 iPhone just weeks away, iPhone 8 dummy model and printed clones and mockups have been circulating regularly. Recently, a hands-on video leak gives us an idea of the iPhone 8 design.

In the leaked video, iPhone 8 dummy model is shown in the silver color along with the glass backing. The device features an edge-to-edge panel. The video shows that both the front and back of the phone are encased by a stainless steel frame matching with the silver hue of its body.

iPhone 8 Dummy Model

Every month in 2017 is coming with one or more iPhone 8 video leaks. Apple hasn’t even confirmed its device’s launch date yet, but still, we already know a lot of details about the phone. Earlier, an iPhone 8 concept video has leaked illustrating the 3D view of the device. After that, an iPhone 8 video leak showed the upcoming device from all sides. And now you can see the iPhone 8 design in this new video.

Apple iPhone 8 dummy model leaked in the new hands-on video has the thin silver bezels at the front. In addition, there’s also a ‘notch’ that houses the speaker, sensors, as well as front-facing camera.

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On the one side of the dummy iPhone 8, there’s an elongated power button while the other side carries standard volume buttons and a mute switch. A Lighting port and speaker holes are present at the bottom, but there’s no headphone jack. Check out the full video below.

As far as the size is concerned, iPhone 8 is slightly larger than its predecessor iPhone 7 but much smaller than iPhone 7 Plus. However, its display size is the same as that of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Although this is just a dummy model – not a functional unit, the smooth glass back is deemed to enable an inductive charging feature that will allow the device work with wireless charging accessories.

We can’t be 100% sure about the iPhone 8 dummy model we’ve seen. The exact features, specifications, and information will only be culled from the Cupertino-based nabob when it will officially launch iPhone 8 worldwide.

There’re also rumors that the forthcoming flagship device iPhone 8 could make Apple the first company to reach and sustain a $1 trillion market cap. According to reports, the company might debut three devices – iPhone 7S, 7S Plus, and iPhone 8 in September this year.

iPhone 8 can make Apple world's first trillion company

The anticipated price range is between $900 and $1,100, giving an idea that two of the three iPhones will be pricier than previous versions. The company sold approximately 40.4Mn iPhones a year earlier. So, riding on the ‘better-than-expected iPhone and iPad sales’, Apple might become world’s first trillion dollar company after iPhone 8 launch.

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