Samsung Bixby: Here’s What You Can Do With New Voice Assistant

Samsung Bixby
Samsung Bixby: Here’s What You Can Do With New Voice Assistant

After months of delays, Samsung has started rolling out its new digital voice assistant called Bixby to Galaxy S8 smartphones in the U.S. The Galaxy S8 had introduced earlier this year with a standard version of Bixby that only had a small number of features due to hardships the voice assistant had with understanding English. Read on further to know about Samsung Bixby.

Samsung Bixby: New Voice Assistant

Now, Samsung Bixby is finally available following the 3-month delay and millions of Galaxy S8 owners are wondering what it’s going to offer. Instead of being able to perform selected tasks like Siri or Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby can connect with almost every app setting or option on the S8 device.

Samsung Bixby New Voice Assistant

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Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Samsung’s Bixby is an effective voice assistant that can provide support to open and install apps, take and send screenshots, find photos from a vacation in a specific location, order an Uber, and a lot more. Samsung stated that voice command users can ask Bixby to complete simple tasks on their smartphone. For instance, you can ask Bixby to turn on the flash light or you can also make Bixby remind you to pick up groceries.

On top of that, the voice assistant can control the camera and manage any settings inside the camera app too. Whether you want to record a video for YouTube, take photos, or send your friend a selfie – it does all. It’s such a great potential of the AI assistants on smartphones to perform useful and personal tasks without having to be asked what to do like getting a reminder you never even knew to set. Bixby can essentially do everything you can do on your smartphone as long as you say the right command.

But, we know that Google Assistant also offers same capabilities like setting up an alarm or reminder for a task, finding photos from Google Photos app, etc. Bixby is a virtual assistant similar to Alexa, Siri, or the Google Assistant. It is all about providing similar ways to do things you already do with your phone instead of making your phone an intelligent partner that does things you couldn’t easily do before.

There are a few basic things which the Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant can do but it’s not really aimed at providing answers to general knowledge questions or preemptively predicting what you’re going to do next. Instead of this, the main focus of this voice assistant is letting you control your smartphone with your voice.

Samsung promises that the service will learn over time, understand the context in conversations, and slowly learn to work with any and all apps and services.

Moving further, Samsung desperately wants its own ecosystem. It has its own operating system and a whole mess of smart home gadgets and appliances that work together. But it hasn’t been able to own the ecosystem and the phone manufacturer does its best to build its own interface, features, and apps. Due to this, Samsung can’t make a smartphone with its own OS instead of Google’s OS.

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Last but not least, the image recognition component of Bixby Vision is not very appealing and the app support for the voice control component is also limited.

Walk through all the videos below to know more about Samsung Bixby.

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Samsung Bixby: Here’s What You Can Do With New Voice Assistant
Samsung Bixby is finally available following the 3-month delay, millions of Galaxy S8 users are wondering what it’s going to offer. Read on further to know.
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