Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch Review: The Most Impressive Workhorse Tab

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch Review
Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch Review: The Most Impressive Workhorse Tab

Over the past few years, many people’s interest in tablets has significantly dropped and the excitement around the iPad has reduced. However, Apple has managed to get its users excited again by introducing the new iPad Pro devices and iOS 11, which offers a fresh lease of life to even older tablets. Apple has launched the iPad Pro 10.5 at WWDC in June this year and became a golden standard for the tablet market. Continue reading our full Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch review to know more about it.

Apple’s new iPad Pro is a magnificent beast that offers bigger, brighter, and less-reflective display when compared to the last year’s Pro tablet. The new 10.5 inch iPad Pro offers a full-size keyboard and an insanely fast processor with computational power embedded in its graceful frame. In this Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch review, we’ll take you through all the new features to make the most out of it.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch Review: The Checklist

  1. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch Review – Display

Apple iPad Pro 10.5inch Review - Display

One of the most standout features of this new iPad Pro is its display quality. The display is bright at 600nits and is very comfortable for both outdoor views as well as indoor views. What’s really remarkable about the display is Apple’s ProMotion technology that powers the 2224×1668 resolution IPS LCD Retina display. Moreover, it supports a refresh rate of 120Hz, which results in extremely smooth animations across iOS. You’ll notice this when swiping between home screens, opening apps and switching between them. The increased screen refresh rate means that the latency is reduced.

The iPad Pro’s display has a wider P3 color gamut, which looks impressive when looking at photos with red or green colors, something you’ll notice while watching movies and scrolling through pictures. Apple claims the larger display with a full-size virtual keyboard. The Apple Pencil is more responsive, thanks to the new panel with 20ms latency for even more fluid and natural drawing.

Similar to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, this new iPad gets a feature called True Tone, which adapts white balance based on lighting conditions to make sure the consistency of colors. It’s useful for those who edit videos or photos and is, therefore, another reason why the iPad Pro is great for professionals.

Furthermore, there’s a Lightning connector for charging or plugging in headphones on the base of the iPad along with a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top.

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  1. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch Review – Design

Apple iPad Pro 10.5inch Review - Design

Apple’s new iPad Pro offers a much larger screen with 40 percent bezels compared to the 9.7-inch version. Its screen is pin sharped, super bright, supports HDR video, and superlative in a form that makes one feel it more like an iPad Mini than a Pro. The larger screen means that Apple could fit a full-size keyboard both onscreen along with the new Smart keyboard. One of the best things about this new iPad Pro is its compactness and portability. One-handed usage is also very comfortable without straining the wrist, although for long hours of usage you would tend to use both hands.

The new iPad Pro 10.5 inch is available in four different variants: Space Gray, Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver but sadly no Matte or Jet Black like the iPhone 7. There are a few key alterations to this year’s model that make it feel a lot more like a modern tab.

  1. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch Review – Camera

Apple iPad Pro 10.5inch Review- Camera

The camera quality is the same as that of the iPhone 7 that include a 12MP rear camera and 7MP front camera. Although it is awkward to hold the iPad to take photos, you get a really large viewfinder for your camera.

The rear camera is 12 MP with f/2.2 aperture and does 1080p HD video capture. On the other hand, the 12MP camera comes with f/1.8 aperture that supports OIS or Optical Image Stabilization and the lens is coated with Sapphire crystal to avoid scratches. If we talk about low-light photos, you’ll get the Quad-LED True Tone flash beneath the camera.

The camera, when combined with the processing power, will mean scanning documents is possible on the iPad Pro. Just position the camera above your document and the software will adjust for any perspective to turn it into a perfectly rectangular image, reducing shadows in the process. And once scanned, it becomes an on-screen document you can annotate with the Apple Pencil.

Check out the video below to know more about the camera quality of Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch.

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  1. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch Review – Hardware and Performance

Apple iPad Pro 10.5inch Review- Hardware and perfromance

Apple’s new high-performance iPad Pro is powered by a 64-bit A10X Fusion chip which is clocked at 2.34 GHz. Developed by TSMC for Apple, the A10X chip could be the first 10nm chip that proves Apple’s advancements in building silicon. A 6-core CPU and 12-core GPU boasts 30% faster CPU speed and 40% graphics performance, compared with previous year’s devices. It’s certainly a fast, responsive and powerful chip.

Talking about connectivity, the device supports really fast WiFi networks at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz up to 802.11 ac and Bluetooth 4.2 LE which is used for the Pencil.

  1. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch Review – Storage

Apple iPad Pro 10.5inch Review- Storage

The new iPad Pro packs with 4GB of RAM which should be fairly enough for even the for gaming and video editing. While the iPad Pro 9.7 inch only had 2GB of RAM and the 12.9 inch version packed 4GB of RAM.

  1. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch Review – Audio

Apple iPad Pro 10.5inch Review- Audio

The iPad Pro comes with quad-stereo speakers and audio output coming from them is very loud and you’d not have to use external speakers in most of the situations. You can choose either lightning-based headphones that come with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus or use the 3.5mm audio jack which has still not been removed from the iPad. You can watch movies all day on Netflix with its super bright screen and the freaking loud and clear quad speakers. Besides, there are 2 microphones for video capture, Facetime calls, and Siri.

  1. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch Review – Battery

Apple iPad Pro 10.5inch Review- Battery

The 10.5 inch iPad Pro offers a 30.4W hour battery and Apple claims 10 hours of battery life for the WiFi version and 9 hours for the cellular version. Isn’t it great? Well, it is.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch Review –  The Verdict

Apple iPad Pro 10.5inch Review- Verdict

Apple’s new iPad Pro 10.5 is one of the best tabs that comes with all basic functionalities. It’s pretty expensive starting at Rs. 50,800 for the 64GB WiFi variant and goes all the way up to Rs. 84,500 for the 512GB WiFi+LTE variant. However, this pricing makes sense because an iPad, especially the Pro, can do more than an iPhone.

The increased brightness will also let the iPad Pro 10.5 inch to display HDR content. And there’s also a new coating on the screen meant to reduce glare and help outdoor usability. Overall, the new tab is a whip-smart with a wealth of hardcore apps, deceptively powerful and useful with the processing, and platform level updates.

Apple’s new 10.5 inch iPad Pro is so powerful and portable that it will make you think twice before you actually go to buy a laptop.

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