Top 6 Android Pedometer Apps You Should Try Right Now

Android Pedometer Apps
Top 6 Android Pedometer Apps You Should Try Right Now

Most of the people are conscious regarding their fitness and want to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Reports suggest that walking 10,000 steps a day is all you need to stay fit and fine. So, how can you count the exact number of steps? Pedometers of course! All smartphones these days have the ability to track your movement using geo-sensors. There are many pedometer apps available on the Play Store calculating your walking regime. In this article, we’ll cover some of the best Android pedometer apps that will be with you during every step of the way. Read on.

With the help of Android pedometer apps, fitness certainly becomes easier to maintain. A pedometer not only shows you how much you have walked but also keep track of your each moving step. If you are serious about your fitness and want to make lifestyle improvements, check out our list of the best Android pedometer apps.

Android Pedometer Apps

  1. Accupedo Pedometer

Android Pedometer Apps - Accupedo Pedometer

Accupedo is one of the most popular Android pedometer apps that help you monitor your daily walking on your device’s home screen. There is an intelligent 3D motion recognition algorithm, which is embedded to track your walking patterns by filtering out non-walking activities. This pedometer is smart as it begins counting steps only after 10 consecutive steps have been identified. It does not need GPS all the time to calculate steps. It maintains daily charts and logs for you to review your walking history.

Accupedo is a great pedometer that accurately counts your steps with easy-to-read daily charts and logs, monitor your steps, calories burned, distance, and time. It’s configurable so you can see steps, distance, minutes, calories, and more in a manner that suits you the best. As this pedometer is your best walking buddy, it will motivate you to walk more!

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  1. Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

Android Pedometer Apps - Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach is one of the most frequently updated and statistic Android pedometer apps of the moment. It is not only a step counter but an all-round weight loss app. You can set your goals in it or use goals developed by the developers to help keep yourself motivated and walking fit. You’ll get an option to view your personal trends in the way of weight, steps, and calories, so you can easily see whether you’re improving or letting yourself go.

  1. Fitbit

Android Pedometer Apps - Fitbit

Do you know that you can use the Fitbit without the titular bit? Well, you can use the app solely with your smartphone using the MobileTrack feature. So what makes Fitbit so good? The app comes with a decent UI offering a huge amount of features to incentivize your walking regime. For example, you can take part in the various weekly challenges curated by the developers, log workouts, and food, as well as go on adventures. It’s a free Fitbit app, which is designed to work with Fitbit activity trackers along with smart scales. No doubt, this is one of the best Android pedometer apps you can try right now.

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  1. ViewRanger

Android Pedometer Apps - ViewRanger

Not solely a pedometer, but a must-have app for explorers, ViewRanger is one of the useful Android pedometer apps. The app serves as a great navigation guide by using Augmented Reality letting you point your phone at the scenery and get pointers about where to go next.

ViewRanger works with Android Wear and uses your phone’s GPS to track your walking stats, allowing you to view how much distance you’ve covered and share it with your buddies. It’s a perfect solution for those who aren’t quite as obsessed with counting every step and want to focus more on the great outdoors. Using this app, you can discover many inspiring trail guides, download offline topographic maps, and navigate with confidence on your next bike ride or backpacking trip.

  1. Moves

    Android Pedometer Apps - Moves

The next app among our list of Android Pedometer apps is Moves, which is easy to use, distraction-free, and quite useful. The app has a clean interface that uses circles of different sizes to represent how many steps you’ve taken or how many miles you’ve run. Besides, the app also reduces battery drain and is optimal for those who want a simplistic pedometer. The app tracks your routes, recognizes daily landmarks and shows your daily movements in a beautiful timeline. Overall, Moves automatically tracks your daily routine and exercise.

  1. Noom Walk

Android Pedometer Apps - Noom Walk

Noom Walk is a battery-friendly pedometer that impressed us with its simplistic UI. It is easy to use, elegant, and surprisingly accurate. Since Noom does not need GPS, it is an extremely power efficient. The application works 24×7 so that you never miss a single step. Check out the video displayed below to know more about Noom Walk.

So, these were some of the best Android pedometer apps to make you more familiar with them. Even if your goal is not to lose weight, you can download a pedometer app simply to keep yourself motivated for adopting a healthier lifestyle that involves walking and maintaining daily physical activity. Isn’t it? So, walk your way and maintain your fitness with the help of your smartphone.

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Top 6 Android Pedometer Apps You Should Try Right Now
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