Cyber Monday 2017: Everything You Need To Know About

Cyber Monday 2017
Cyber Monday 2017: Everything You Need To Know About

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year when many people grab heavy discounts on buying products online. Many people who don’t want to get into a Black Friday queue this year can still snag incredible discounts on TVs, iPads, laptops, and other popular items on Cyber Monday. It’s the perfect day for shoppers who’d rather stay at home and avoid the Christmas crowd. In this article, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Cyber Monday 2017.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday allowing consumers to avoid the stress of the high street clogged with Christmas shoppers but still secure incredible discounts. The term Cyber Monday was coined more than a decade ago to encourage people for shopping online.

The day has become the online shopping point at the end of the Black Friday sales with shops holding back a few extra juicy deals and reductions to things retailers haven’t sold over the weekend so far. So, brace yourself for another busy day of biggest online shopping day of this year.

When is Cyber Monday 2017?

Cyber Monday 2017

Cyber Monday 2017 will fall on November 27 with most retailers starting their online sales at midnight. Unlike Black Friday, where the focus is on high street stores and supermarkets, Cyber Monday is more about shopping on the web. This shopping weekend is regarded as the last few days of big discounts before Christmas so people are tempted to splurge the cash on gifts for their friends and family.

Cyber Monday drives strong sales for retailers, kickstarting the holiday season, and gives you an access to some decent bargains. As the popularity of Cyber Monday has grown, a lot of consumers are waiting for the day to come around to spend their cash.

What to Expect from Cyber Monday 2017?

What to Expect from Cyber Monday 2017

Since this particular day of deals is online-focused so you can get your shopping done in a snap. There will be some limited-time deals, but you can expect a lot of day-long sales across specific products and brands. The only downside is that you don’t get your gadgets or gifts immediately but with delivery times getting faster and the risk of wasting your time queueing on the high street, many people will consider that trade-off worth it.

On Cyber Monday last year consumers spent around £1.9Bn that results in a 20.7% jump for online shopping from 2015. So if you want to bag a bargain, this is the day to mark on your calendar.

Cyber Monday Predictions

Cyber Monday Predictions

After Black Friday, we expect many retailers will keep some excellent and affordable deals in their storefronts to boost Cyber Monday as a legitimate shopping day.

You can expect excellent deals on the likes of 4K TVs, laptops, and consoles. However, some retailers and manufacturers will take this opportunity to discount less flashy items, which can easily get overlooked on Black Friday. If we’re talking about last year, there were big discounts on PlayStation 4, Apple accessories, and cameras and this year you can expect great deals on Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

One excellent example is to get great discounts on media. Games, digital movies, and even multi-disc sets of TV shows are likely to have great discounts, so make sure to keep an eye out for top-notch entertainment on the cheap. There is another category that you can expect to see major discounts and that is clothing. Everything from winter jackets to jeans to some high-end fashion items will probably have major price drops, so it is also an excellent time to set your new wardrobe.

With so many deals offering all at once, it’s not easy to know who is giving you the lowest prices, with Best Buy and Target competing all weekend long. If we’re talking about Christmas gifts, the weekend shopping bonanza is a cool chance to grab big-ticket stuff at much cheaper prices than regular.

Cyber Monday Preparations

Cyber Monday 2017 Preparations

Membership programs and loyalty cards are quite useful at this shopping time of year, so we recommend getting those lined up ahead of time. Even if you’re not willing to drop cash on a paid membership, there are many sites offering free trials. Let’s say, if you’ve not already subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can activate a free trial in the weeks leading up will be a great idea.

If you’re planning on doing some additional shopping after passing the big sales, you can save some amount that you’re willing to put towards gift cards. There are some stores that offer great discounts when you cross a certain purchase threshold or load up your gift cards for the first time. Likewise, you can occasionally search for discounted store cards for the PlayStation and Xbox digital storefronts, so it’s a smart move to save on purchases down the road.

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Cyber Monday 2017: Everything You Need To Know About
Many people who don't want to get into a Black Friday queue can still snag incredible discounts on iPads, laptops, and other items on Cyber Monday 2017.
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