5 Cool Tips to Cook Inexpensive Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner
5 Cool Tips to Cook an Inexpensive Thanksgiving Dinner

One of the most anticipated events of the festive season, Thanksgiving, is just a few weeks away. The whole nation is busy in making preparations for the popular tradition, i.e. Thanksgiving dinner. People are looking for the best dinner ideas, recipes, and of course, searching for ways to prepare an inexpensive giant feast. Well, we’ve provided you with 5 cool tips to cook inexpensive yet yummilicious dinner for Thanksgiving. Read on.

How to Cook Inexpensive Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Host a Potluck

Tips to Cook an Inexpensive Thanksgiving Dinner - Host a Potluck

In case you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, that does not mean you’re obligated to serve different kinds of food and drinks. Rather, host it potluck-style. Most probably, your guests will be happy to be involved and will look forward to helping out.

Are you hosting more than 10 people? If so, you can ask half of the people to bring food, and ask others to bring their favorite beverage to share. You can assign dishes in advance so you don’t end up with duplicates. This will leave you extra room in the budget to splash out on décor as well.

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  1. Simplify the Appetizers

Tips to Cook an Inexpensive Thanksgiving Dinner - Simplify the Appetizers

It’s typical to dole out appetizers when hosting Thanksgiving dinner so that guests have something to nibble on before the big meal. However, on Thanksgiving Day, when everyone is looking for eating their weight in food, it’s totally okay to skip the appetizers. Alternatively, you can just set out some crackers and cheese or bread and butter so people don’t starve. There’s really no need to fill up before the feast.

  1. Cook “Just Enough” Turkey

Tips to Cook an Inexpensive Thanksgiving Dinner - Cook Just Enough Turkey

Rather than buying the biggest turkey available, purchase a reasonable one. You’ll need approximately one pound of turkey for every adult, assuming you don’t want bits and pieces. In case you do want leftovers, buy one and a half pounds per adult while hosting a Thanksgiving dinner.

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  1. Shop In Advance

Tips to Cook an Inexpensive Thanksgiving Dinner - Shop In Advance

Last-minute shopping and lack of planning are failsafe ways to spend more money than you need to. Why? Because you have no time to shop around for the best deals and you may end up buying things you don’t need. That’s why it’s recommended to start planning your recipes and writing your grocery list about three weeks in advance. In this way, you have spare time to find the best deals on your ingredients, use coupons, and pay out as little dollars as possible.

  1. Keep Recipes Simple

Tips to Cook an Inexpensive Thanksgiving Dinner - Keep Recipes Simple

Pinterest is chock-a-block with detailed Thanksgiving cooking tips and recipes boasting too many ingredients for us to count. Although those recipes can be very tasty, they’re also time-consuming and (generally) pricey – the more ingredients, the higher your grocery bill!

Sticking to Thanksgiving classics such as four-ingredient pesto mashed potatoes or easy roasted green beans is the best way to save money on this turkey day. So, enjoy your mouth-watering traditional Thanksgiving dinner that will not cost a fortune.

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5 Cool Tips to Cook Inexpensive Thanksgiving Dinner
In this post, we’ve provided you with 5 cool tips to cook inexpensive yet yummilicious Thanksgiving dinner for your guests. Let's have a look.
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