How Technology is Changing Consumer Behaviors

Technology is Changing Consumer Behaviors
How Technology is Changing Consumer Behaviors

Technology is emerging inch by inch, day by day. Advancement in computers and smartphones is some of the majors in the tech world that has been attracting many eyeballs over the last decade. Almost all of us have witnessed that advancement in technology has inspired many businesses to run differently, establish new fundamentals to achieve success, as well as influence the way consumers act. However, consumer behavior has changed drastically with the rise of smartphones, social media, and eCommerce. It is quite difficult to forecast the future technological standards and their effect on consumers. In this article, we’ll make you aware of how technology is changing consumer behaviors. Read on.

5 Ways How Technology is Changing Consumer Behaviors

  1. Social Media Content

Social Media Content

With the enhancement of social media, many people have started to act, think, and purchase differently. There are many people who are now addicted to consuming social media content and brands need to understand how to remain fit in this new social world. In order to succeed in social media platform, you need to understand how to make the highest-quality content possible for consumption. Even if you want not to use social media content for advertising, please note how it can quickly evolve consumer tastes and how products fit into social media.

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  1. Evolving Ad Networks

How Technology is Changing Consumer Behaviors - Evolving Ad Networks

Google has changed the advertising world with the launch of numerous digital ad networks, but Facebook quickly came along and launched a comparably powerful ad network. In addition, the gradual growth of Snapchat ads and Instagram ads provide a lot of options to engage consumers.

While this may seem quite harmless, the implications for consumers are interesting. First of all, this change in ad networks implies a great change in consumer search habits from Google to a split between Google and Facebook. Secondly, it figures out an important fact that businesses have to understand their ad media and align their ad media with the preferences of their consumers. It’s worth noting that a blue hyperlink on Google does not appeal as much as a sponsored image on Instagram or a sponsored video on Snapchat.

  1. Digital Optimization

How Technology is Changing Consumer Behaviors - Digital Optimization

There are a lot of people who’ve written about how marketers can create the perfect call-to-action, which is made more difficult with the growing complexity of brand websites and the increasing ubiquity of search due to the desired form of navigation online. Well, more than 550 of the largest associations worldwide have the ability for building customized domains including their brand name.

Since brands will now be capable of better using their domain as a call-to-action, they can craft shorter and meaningful domains that build easier pathways to content usually buried deep within their website and only discoverable by search. It is an immediate means to encourage direct content navigation and is a great opportunity to develop an in-depth connection with consumers.

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  1. Chatbots

How Technology is Changing Consumer Behaviors - Chatbots

Many of you have unpleasant memories of sitting on a call with customer service for extended time frames while being shifted between operators reading off a script or listening to recorded messages and pushing extension numbers. With the emergence of automated software and specifically chatbots, many companies are now able to communicate with their customers in a much better way. So, in the next few years, consumers will have a drastic increase in expected quality of customer service from companies and issues will need to be resolved effectively.

In addition, companies ought to take this time to craft their consumer relations departments to make sure they have chatbots created on social media, customer helplines if required, and overall customer service as a priority. Technology will continue to rise and consumer habits will adjust accordingly, but if you’re able to keep up with the technological trends and how they cause shifts in consumer behavior then you’ll be prepared for the long-haul. This is also one of the ways how technology is changing consumer behaviors.

  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

How Technology is Changing Consumer Behaviors - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

One of the biggest problems with VR and AR is that there is a lack of quality content and a gap between the cost for consumers and what value they get. With time the price will drop, quality content will enhance and the value will start to make more sense for the public.

In the meantime, there are some of the great opportunities for brands to engage with consumers is through the creation of high-quality VR and AR content. Whether it’s a new Snapchat geo filter or any virtual music video, developing virtual experiences can help your consumers a new experience that they are already craving.

So, these were some of the ways technology is changing consumer behaviors.

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How Technology is Changing Consumer Behaviors
It is difficult to forecast technological standards and their effect on consumers. Here, we’ll tell you about how technology is changing consumer behaviors.
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