How to Use Facebook Local, the Newly Relaunched Events App

Use Facebook Local
How to Use Facebook Local, the Newly Relaunched Events App

In order to create a stronger rival to local event and businesses listing services like Yelp, Facebook relaunched and renamed its Events app. Dubbed as Facebook Local, the app is available for both Android and iOS. It helps you easily find what to do, where to eat, where to go or what you need – all recommended by your friends. You can browse through local bars’ lists, search for local businesses, check out reviews of local restaurants, and get information about events and places your friends have checked in. However, the app is a bit complicated to use with scores of filter and search options. Here, we’ll tell you about how to use Facebook Local. Let’s have a quick look.

Use Facebook Local

First of all, you need to download Facebook Local on your device from the Google Play Store or App Store.

On the home page, there’re shortcuts to see nearly cafes, attractions, restaurants, and more along with places where your friends go. Also, you’ll see a calendar listing your day’s events, guides to music, art, nightlife, and other happenings, a Trending Events feed, and other options to see everything going on certain days.

Use Facebook Local - Guides Section

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For instance, you’ve searched for nearby restaurants using the Event app for mobile. Rather than sorting restaurants by relevance, Facebook Local will show them on the basis of their popularity or how far they are from you.

Use Facebook Local - Shows Results by Relevancy

You can also use Facebook Local to narrow your search by turning on any of the three top filters. Once activated, it will highlight restaurants your friends have liked and locations that are open, and then rank them as per their relevancy.

Use Facebook Local - Narrow Your Search Results

You can make use of the search bar to look for FB local businesses or events. From Local’s home screen, you can access a curated guide to upcoming events. Selecting a particular event will show the details about it. The details page will display various things such as date and time of the event, the information about how and where to purchase tickets, the number of people who are going, etc. In case you want to add the event to your calendar, simply tap on the square button in the bottom-right corner.

Use Facebook Local - Details Page

You can use Facebook Local to get the top suggestions and to know what’s popular. At the top side, the app displays events that are similar to those it lists as ‘trending’ on its home screen. In case you scroll down, you can search through different types of events, ranging from networking to games.

Use Facebook Local - Top Suggestions

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Using its Events tab, you can search for happenings as much as a week in advance. Its Calendar tab highlights all your Event invites and RSVPs. It lets you import your phone’s calendar events to have everything at one convenient place.

Use Facebook Local - Events tab

In case you’re traveling, you can use Facebook Local to change your location and see what’s happening in another city. At the moment, you’re unable to order food directly from Local like with the Facebook’s Order Food feature.

The revamped Facebook Events app, i.e. Local automatically syncs with your account on the social media network. If you already have the Facebook app installed on your device, Local will connect it. Once it syncs with your FB account, you can start using Facebook Local to know where you are, who your friends are, and a lot more.

Use Facebook Local - Sync Your Account

In this way, you can easily use Facebook Local, the redesigned FB Events app.

However, it’s unclear what will attract people to Facebook Local from the apps they already use like Yelp, but having such an elephantine user base is surely a constant advantage for the social media network.

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