YouTube Will No Longer Show Suggested Video Links

Suggested Video Links
YouTube Will No Longer Show Suggested Video Links

Over the past few months, YouTube has been doing lots of changes on how links are handled in videos. Recently, the company has killed annotations for in-video links and end screens. And now, it is prepping to kill off suggested video links as well. The video streaming service has revealed that it’s ditching the ability to promote playlists, videos or livestreams via in-video notifications as of December 14.

Right now, YouTube videos show notifications, which appear in an interactive bar and highlight playlists, livestreams, and other clips. Though they serve a purpose for video creators, they can be very frustrating for viewers.

It’s truly disturbing when such recommendations block parts of the on-screen action. For instance, these video links force you to switch your attention, away from the video you’re watching, to find and click on the Close button.

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YouTube, one of the best streaming services, has made up its mind to remove suggested video links after taking a look at how successful the interactive bar is and how often people actually use it. According to YouTube, only 1 in 20 people actually clicked on these suggested video links and many of those people were taken to a dead livestream. And also, many users apparently felt that it was a spam. Jordan, a YouTube Help Forum member, said that,

 “We’ve come to realize that very few actually click on it. In fact, only one in twenty people click on the suggested link. Even worse, for the small percentage of users who do click on the link, they’re often taken to a live stream that no longer exists.”

The social network doesn’t believe that it will cause too many issues. In accordance with YouTube, cards and end screen video links are more effective. So, YouTube creators will still be able to promote their content with card and end-screen links, including playlists, videos, associated websites, and approved merch and crowdfunding sites. However, for those creators who are still eager to link to other sites, don’t worry. You can still make use of video descriptions, channel pages or even your channel art to drive fans to other sites.

YouTube Will No Longer Show Suggested Video Links

The change comes as YouTube is removing more extremist content from its platform than before. During an ongoing discussion and policy changes, the social network is eliminating a wide range of extremist videos from its site. Videos containing hate or encouraging violence were already removed under a previous policy, but the platform is now removing more content from known terrorists.

Removing suggested video links is certainly going to ruffle a few feathers. While the change is likely a welcome one from YouTube stalkers, creators will no longer be able to plug one video while you’re watching another. This means your viewing experience will not be interrupted by another popup.

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