How to Find the Best in Mac Apps

Find the Best in Mac Apps
How to Find the Best in Mac Apps

Just got a new Mac? If so, then read our complete post to know how to find the best in Mac apps. Many enthusiasts and developers are designing high-quality apps these days to enhance computing experience on a Mac. In this tutorial, we’ve summed up a number of different ways to find the right app as per your needs. Let’s dig a little deeper.

How to Find the Best in Mac Apps

Offline: Magazines

Well, this may depend upon how you’ve embraced the Internet era. It’s easy to handle and read a copy of information than the digital equivalent. It doesn’t need a battery charge. And traditional magazines are difficult to find in the age of the Internet. Mostly, now offer a digital version and others have closed down completely. Digital is easier and cheaper to distribute than paper; digital looks set to win this battle.

Whether or not magazines are living on borrowed time, there are some excellent specialist Mac magazines available which are a good source of information and a means of keeping abreast of new software available for the Mac. Let’s have a look to find the best in Mac apps.

  1. iCreate

    How to Find the Best in Mac Apps - iCreate

iCreate bills is the creative magazine for those with a passion for Apple accessories. Covering the complete Mac platform, as well as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, it’s packed with expert reviews, tutorials, features, and guides.

Subscribers to iCreate have an access to a number of creative resources, for free, via FileSilo. These resources include wallpapers, automation scripts, 3D assets, fonts, stock images, plug-ins, icon packs, Photoshop assets, video tutorials, and a lot more. iCreate is currently available in both print and digital formats.

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  1. MacFormat

How to Find the Best in Mac Apps - MacFormat

MacFormat is the UK’s number 1 Apple magazine for Mac, iPad and iPhone users. Aimed at leisure-oriented Mac users and Apple enthusiasts, it offers latest tutorials, guides, and tips on ways to get the most from Apple’s devices as well as the latest reviews of Apple hardware and Mac/iOS accessories and software. MacFormat is written in simple English and through its writing, it aims to convey essential information to make sure that readers take away new skills and solutions each time they pick up the mag. Great! It is a good source of information that lets you grab new Mac software and helps you know how to use it. MacFormat is currently available in both print and digital formats.

  1. MacUser

How to Find the Best in Mac Apps - MacUser

Originally published every fortnight, MacUser was a monthly computer magazine published by Dennis Publishing Ltd in the UK. However, it has ceased publication in 2015. The magazine was predominantly aimed at users in the design sector and offered masterclass tutorials and expert advice on tasks like photo-editing, design techniques, and creation of movies. Available in print and digital formats prior to its demise, MacUser back issues can still be purchased in digital form.


  1. Bodega


Unfortunately, you’re not going to get any app here anymore, but it’s worthy of a mention as the idea of an App Store that existed prior to the Mac App Store. Bodega was unique in its approach to offer consumers a wide range of apps in one easy-to-find location.

  1. Mac App Store

How to Find the Best in Mac Apps - Mac App Store

Launched in Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, Apple’s Mac App Store has become the default method by which to distribute major and minor updates to OS X, now macOS.

While OS X 10.7 Lion was also available on USB, a change from the earlier DVD medium, this was to be the last iteration of the OS to be distributed using physical media. The Mac App Store has designed upon the idea, and success of the iOS App Store had proved to be hugely popular with iPhone and, later, iPad users. Continue reading how to find the best in Mac apps.

  1. Get Mac Apps

How to Find the Best in Mac Apps - Get Mac Apps

Just like, Get Mac Apps is yet another amazing website from where you can select from an arrays of apps that you’d like to install and consequently, it will install all the selected apps in one go.


How to Find the Best in Mac Apps -

An independent website, is an interesting way to install popular software easily on a Mac. All you need to do is just select the desired apps and click to have them installed quickly and efficiently. It is ideal in that when you’ve just purchased or set up a new Mac.

  1. SetApp

How to Find the Best in Mac Apps - SetApp

SetApp is a curated solution offering hand-picked apps in one signup. Rather than a store of separate apps, SetApp is a subscription allowing you to install a number of apps from the selection.

Once you’ve signed up, you can browse the Setapp folder on the Mac and install only those apps that you wish to use. With software such as Ulysses, RapidWeaver, and iStat Menus among the 50 apps available, Setapp is definitely worth a look.

Ninite: For Windows Users

How to find the best in Mac apps - Ninite

Ninite is the site designed for Windows users that inspired and Get Mac Apps for the Mac. A curated and up-to-date list of useful Windows apps, this site is worth noting for when setting up new Windows systems.

So, these were some of the ways to find the best in Mac apps. There’s more than just the Mac App Store and it is worth remembering that not all developers offer their apps in the Mac App Store, so it is good to look around.

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How to Find the Best in Mac Apps
In this post, we’ve highlighted a number of ways of keeping abreast of the wealth of Mac Apps available. Read on to know how to find the best in Mac apps.
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