YouTube Reels Feature Looks a Lot Like Snapchat Stories

YouTube Reels
YouTube Reels Feature Looks a Lot Like Snapchat Stories

Remember YouTube’s Community tab? Last year, YouTube had released it among a few selected creators. Now, the company announced that it’s rolling out the Community tab to all creators along with over 10,000 subscribers. However, reports state that a new video function is in the works as well. Dubbed as YouTube Reels, the feature looks a lot like Snapchat Stories.

The short-form content format ‘Stories’ was first introduced by Snapchat. After that, the feature was adopted by Instagram, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and even some dating apps. And now, Stories are making its way to YouTube as ‘Reels’. To be clear, YouTube Reels is the company’s own spin on Stories format, not an exact copy. The Reels feature will not live at the top of the app as Instagram Stories. Instead, it’ll get its own tab on a creator’s channel.

When asked about YouTube’s new feature, the company said that the idea with Reels is to introduce a new video format on its platform. The new YouTube Reels feature will allow creators to express themselves and engage fans without having to upload a full video. However, creators will be able to make new Reels by recording a few quick mobile videos of up to 30 seconds each. It will also enable creators to add filters, music, text, and even new ‘YouTube-y’ stickers.

Unlike Snapchat Stories, creators can make multiple YouTube Reels and they will not expire. The feature may not ruin the video watching experience in the way the addition of Stories did on Facebook or Messenger. Given that Reels will be posted to a separate tab on a creator’s channel, viewers can choose whether they want to watch these new videos or not.

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In case you get engaged with Reels, YouTube will take this as a signal that you’d like to see them more often. As a result, you’ll get recommendations on the YouTube homepage.

YouTube Reels

YouTube Reels is one of few amendments to the video-sharing website and its Community tab. A mini social network within YouTube’s larger network, Community is placed on creators’ channel, letting them share updates using GIFs, text, poll, and more. Viewers can then like or unlike the content as they do videos. They are also able to comment on the posts.

The company has made some tweaks regarding how posts work and how they are displayed to viewers. Now, the most engaged viewers of a creator will see Community posts in their Home Feed on YouTube, even if they’re not subscribed to the channel. It has also been reported that notifications will be optimized so fans aren’t spammed with every new Community post.

For now, it’s unclear that when YouTube Reels will arrive in beta, which creators will get the format first or when it’ll available globally.

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YouTube Reels Feature Looks a Lot Like Snapchat Stories
YouTube has today announced that a new video function is in the works. Dubbed as YouTube Reels, the feature looks a lot like Snapchat Stories.
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