15 Most Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts
15 Most Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users

When it comes to managing emails in a hassle-free manner, Gmail is the first name that comes to mind. Using Gmail with keyboard shortcuts can save you a considerable amount of time and make your email managing task more efficient. Despite the fact that Gmail keyboard shortcuts have been around a while, only a few people are aware of them. As a result, most of us aren’t able to use the email client to its full potential.

Sensing this need, we’ve come up a cheat sheet of most useful Gmail keyboard shortcuts to get around the click-through slowdown. Once you memorize these ones, you’ll perform mail-related chores faster than ever before. So, bookmark this web page and return to it often to assist you regarding how to use keyboard shortcuts for Gmail. Here we go.

First things first – before proceeding further, make sure that you’ve enabled keyboard shortcuts in your Gmail. To check, click on the Gear icon at the top-right side of Gmail and select the Settings option. Under the General tab, find the ‘Keyboard shortcuts’ section and click on the radio button that reads Keyboard Shortcuts On. Finally, click on the Save Changes button at the bottom side. Once done, you’re good to go with Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Compose

Press the Shift + C hotkey to compose a new message in a new window. You can also press just the C key to open a new compose window. Another one of the most useful Gmail keyboard shortcuts is Shift + D that lets you compose a new message in a new tab.

  1. Scroll Up & Down

In order to scroll through your inbox, you need to press the K and J keys to access newer and older emails respectively.

  1. Select a Message

Pressing the X key will select a message in your inbox. Once selected, you can perform many functions on it such as archiving, labeling, deleting, etc.

  1. Move Between Conversations

In case you’re in an email thread, press the N and P key to move among newer and older conversations. Press the O key or Enter to expand a conversation.

  1. Archive

Looking for a keyboard shortcut to archive an email? Well, we’ve got you covered. When you’re in an email, merely press the E key to archive. In case there’s already a label applied, the email will archive into that folder.

  1. Reply & Forward

While viewing an email, simply press the R key to reply and A to reply all. The F key is used to forward an email. So, next time, when you’re short on time and want to reply or forward an email quickly, use this shortcut among our Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Save Draft

In case you’re in the middle of composing a message and want to save for later, simply press the Ctrl + S hotkey to save as a draft.

  1. Delete

Want to move a message to the trash can? Well, the # key, one of the most useful Gmail keyboard shortcuts, will do the task for you.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

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  1. Mark as Read or Unread

Once you select a message, press the Shift key along with I to mark as read or the Shift + U key combination to mark as unread.

  1. Label or Move

When you’re within an email or select a message from your inbox, hit the L key to label. You’ll then be presented with a drop-down box of folders. Simply make your selection. You can also type the folder name to search.

  1. Folder Search

Another one of the useful Gmail keyboard shortcuts is for the folder search task. Whether you’re in your inbox, drafts, sent mail or another folder, you need to press the forward slash (/) to move your cursor to the search bar.

  1. Zoom In and Zoom Out

For zoom in, press the Ctrl key with the Plus (+) key. Mac users need to type key with the Plus key.

For zoom out, you need to press the Ctrl with Minus (-) key. In case you own Mac, pressing the key together with Minus (-) key will zoom out the mail.

  1. Mark Email as Important

In case while reading through an email, you want to mark it for later, merely press the x key.

  1. Report the Spam Message

Received something that’s less than desirable? If so, this key combination among our Gmail keyboard shortcuts will help you. Press the ! (exclamation mark) to report an email.

  1. Select All Mails

To select all mails at once, press the * key with the a alphabet. You can deselect all emails by pressing the * then the n key.

Give these helpful and time-saving Gmail keyboard shortcuts a try to become a pro user. If you have any other shortcuts in your arsenal then give your share in the comments section below.

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15 Most Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users
In this post, we’ve come up a cheat sheet of most useful Gmail keyboard shortcuts to get around the click-through slowdown. Read on.
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