Apple iPhone 9 Features We May See in 2018

iPhone 9 Features
Apple iPhone 9 Features We May See in 2018

Just because Apple had directly launched iPhone X after the iPhone 8, it doesn’t mean that the tech major forgot about the iPhone 9. Apple is preparing up to bridge the gap between iPhone 8 and iPhone X in 2018. While there’s no solid information on when will the upcoming iPhone go official, rumors have already started to paint a compelling story that Apple will continue to stick to its conventional design. In order to know every nook and cranny about of the future smartphone, we’ve to patiently wait for its official launch. However, if you’re curious to know its speculations right now, here’s a quick glimpse – only for you – at the expected iPhone 9 features. Read on.

Apple iPhone 9 Features

  1. The Home Button

Apple iPhone 9 Features - The Home Button

Own an iPhone X? If so, you may have noticed that there’s no home button. However, users would love to see it on the Apple iPhone 9 as a final goodbye to the memorable iPhone design. No doubt most of us will forget about the trusty button after some adjustment time, but it’d be pleasant to send-off if Apple kept the home button for one last appearance in the iPhone 9.

  1. AirPods Included

Apple iPhone 9 Features - AirPods Included

Apple is leading the smartphone market owing to its included set of earbuds in each and every box. As the headphone jack had disappeared with the introduction of iPhone 7, you can either listen to music via the Lightning-connected EarPods or charge the phone. Although it’s unlikely, it’d be a dream come true if the iPhone 9, probably the best smartphone in 2018, will come with AirPods included in the box. These beloved wireless earphones would be one of the best selling points for the next iPhone. In case the included AirPods are one of the best iPhone 9 features in 2018, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite tunes while your phone is charging.

  1. Wireless Charging

Apple iPhone 9 Features - Wireless Charging

Apple’s savings in wireless charging are still new, but we hope to see it on the upcoming iPhone. Moving from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8, enabling the wireless charging had required Apple to make the phone’s back all-glass that lets the charging signal pass via the device. So, if wireless charging is one of the upcoming iPhone 9 features, we may see the all-glass back featured on the phone. However, this will make the handset break too easy.

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  1. AMOLED Display

Apple iPhone 9 Features - AMOLED Display

The next expected feature among our iPhone 9 features is AMOLED display. The Cupertino-based tech major is reportedly lacking the resources to put AMOLED displays in any phone excluding its spanking new iPhone X. The supply chain requires around half a year to calibrate it. After that, Apple should be able to put an AMOLED display in its new flagship phone.

  1. Dual Rear-facing Cameras

Apple iPhone 9 Features - Dual Rear-facing Cameras

It’s more than possible that the iPhone 9, one of the best upcoming smartphones in 2018, will come with a dual rear-facing camera setup. However, if we talk about Apple’s past scenarios, the company will only include it in the plus-sized version, i.e. iPhone 9 Plus. It’d be a superb move for the iPhone maker to give this feature to those who usually don’t shell out their bucks on the plus-sized models but still want all of the bells and whistles coupled with Apple’s ingenious features. Portrait lighting and photos with more depth are also one of the expected iPhone 9 features.

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Apple iPhone 9 Features We May See in 2018
If you’re curious to know its speculations right now, here’s a quick glimpse – only for you – at the expected iPhone 9 features. Read on.
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