Discover 4 Simple Ways to Fix a Black Screen on PC


As a computer user, you might have encountered so many problems with your system every now and then, most of which making you lose your mind in no time. PC monitor going blank unexpectedly is certainly one of those and calls for an immediate action on your part. Understanding the severity of the situation, we’ve made a list of all potential solutions to help you fix a black screen on PC.

What Makes a PC Screen Go Black?

There can be a number of technical reasons behind it, ranging from simple software issues to severe hardware ones.

The following mentioned issues are comparatively easy to solve:

  • PC in “Stand By” or “Sleep” mode
  • Loose or damaged cables
  • A recently modified screen resolution

And then, there are those that might seem backbreaking:

  • A broken graphics card
  • A non-working hardware piece that needs replacement

Whatever be the cause of a non-responding monitor screen, it must be resolved quickly.

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Fix a Black Screen on PC

Before proceeding to more time-consuming solutions to fix a black screen on PC or laptop, your initial step should be to check whether your computer or laptop is not in “Stand By” mode. If so, turn your PC off by holding the Power Button for a couple of seconds. After the computer is completely turned off, turn it on to check if it boots normally.

If this, however, doesn’t work for you, try the following and don’t overlook your monitor:

1 Check Power Supply


An inadequate power supply is one of the most frequent causes of a black PC screen. Even if a system’s fans and lights are working, a PC won’t start properly if the PSU (Power Supply Unit) isn’t generating enough voltage. In such a case, it’s recommended that you grab a new PSU from the market.

2 Reconnect the Cables

how to fix black screen-reconnect cables

Before indulging in time-consuming troubleshooting, ensure the cords are connected properly. At times, loose cables can be the reason for a computer screen going blank. If the issue still continues, try replacing the video cable for multiple connections such as DVI and HDMI. You may also try using a different video cable altogether as the current one might have got damaged.

Furthermore, if your PC has a dedicated graphics card, ensure the monitor is connected to the card, and not to the motherboard. Remember, if you have a separate graphics card for your Windows and you still connect your monitor to the motherboard, it goes blank. So fix this before moving on to the next solution.

3 Readjust Resolutions and Display

how to fix black screen-resolution and display

This issue occurs to older versions of PCs. The reason why your computer screen has gone black maybe because (perhaps accidentally) you’ve set the Windows resolution higher than your monitor supports.

For this, turn on your PC in safe mode. Now go to Properties>Settings to readjust screen resolution. In Windows 8, move the slide bar to the left to lower the resolution. In Windows 7, simply pick a resolution from the drop-down box. Now reboot the computer.

4 Fix the Mal-installed Graphics Card Driver

Sometimes, graphics drivers pick bugs leading to a black screen. In order to solve the issue, reinstall or update drivers by going to Windows Safe Mode. You’ll need an installation disk drive to go to the safe mode. Once you’ve found one, insert it into the PC and turn it on. Now open Command Prompt and enter c: and hit Enter. Now type

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

how to fix black screen- malinstalled graphics

Once done, turn off the computer. While it is rebooting, keep pressing F8 key to prompt Advanced Boot Options. Select “Safe Mode with Networking”. You can now reinstall graphics drivers.

It is likely that a computer black screen issue can be solved at home by following the above-mentioned ways. Cross check all the aforementioned things are in order and if the problem still persists, you are advised to call an expert for professional help.

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