How to Easily Receive and Make Phone Calls on Mac

Make Phone Calls on Mac
How to Easily Receive and Make Phone Calls on Mac

One of the headline features of Apple that is alluring users is to receive and make phone calls on Mac. Yes, you read that absolutely right! All thanks to Call Relay (one of Apple Continuity Features), now you can answer and place iPhone calls on your Mac using a headset or Mac built-in microphones. The person on the other side won’t know that you’re using your Mac as Call Relay routes the calls via your iPhone.

So, get your headset ready and your Mac configured!

What are the Requirements for Call Relay?

  • Call Relay functions on iOS 8.1 or later (iPhone) and OS Yosemite or later (Mac)
  • You need to connect both your iPhone and Mac to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Your Mac and iPhone must be signed in to the iCloud and FaceTime using the same Apple ID

How to Configure Your iPhone And Mac?

On iPhone

Go to Settings > Phone > Calls on Other Devices. Toggle on Allow Calls on Other Devices. Your iPhone will allow other devices (on the same Wi-Fi) such as your Mac to receive and make calls.

On iPhone 8, tap Settings > FaceTime and switch on iPhone Cellular Calls

On Mac

Open FaceTime on your Mac and tap Preferences. Now, tick the box next to Calls from iPhone

Receive and Make Phone Calls on Mac

How to Make Phone Calls on Mac?

You can use many apps to make phone calls on Mac, such as FaceTime, Contacts, Safari, Mail, Calendar and Spotlight etc.  The most popular are FaceTime and Contacts.

In order to place a call from FaceTime, you need to type the contact number in the search box and click the audio button next to the contact. Now, click the number that appeared under Call using iPhone

Make and Receive Phone Calls on Mac

If you wish to use Contacts app, simply tap the phone icon next to the person’s name you wish to talk to.

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How to Receive Phone Calls on Mac?

It’s easy to respond to a phone call on your Mac. Whenever you receive a notification on the top right corner of your desktop, you can choose either to answer or decline it.

Answer a call: Simply click Accept whenever the notification of the call pops up.

Reject a call: Tap Decline. If you wish to send an instant message to the caller, click the drop-down arrow next to Decline and select Reply with Message.


You can also transfer a call from your Mac to your iPhone in the middle of the call. Go to your iPhone’s home.  Tap the banner “Touch to Return to Call” > audio button > iPhone

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