Super-effective Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Smartphone Strain


Your smartphone may be your best friend; it is a foe for your eyes. Fixing your eyes on the screen for hours on end can result in eye dryness and itching in the short run, and severe eye damage and headache in the long run. While it’s not feasible for you to stay away from your mobile for long, you can’t ignore your eyes either! Keeping your eyes safe and preventing them from digital strain must be your priority. How to get started then? Read our post where we’ve brought some super-effective ways to help you protect your eyes from smartphone strain.

Protect Your Eyes from Smartphone Strain

Get an Anti-Glare Screen Protection

You cannot wear protective eyewear all the time while using your smartphone. In the case of smartphones, anti-glare screen protectors are more convenient. These protectors are meant to lessen eye burden by reducing glare from fluorescent and similar light sources. Although most smartphones nowadays come with default anti-glare screens, some may not. If your smartphone doesn’t come with such protector, buy it from the market. Believe us, getting an anti-glare coating on your smartphone will make a big difference.

Blink More Often

Constant eye-contact with the smartphone screen can lead to dryness in eyes and blurred vision. In order to keep your eyes moist, it’s better to blink as much as possible. Furthermore, blinking eyes helps to focus better.
protect your eyes from smartphone strain water
If it’s possible, do splash water into your eyes periodically. It will also help moisten your eyes and remove the blurred vision.

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Take Frequent Breaks

Don’t stare at your smartphone screen constantly, take breaks frequently. This will reduce eye strain as well as the tension built up in the neck and shoulders. In fact, the best thing to do is to follow the 20/20/20 rule. As per the rule, after every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break from your smartphone screen and focus on something at least 20 feet away. In addition, you can also do eye exercise to relax your eye muscles.

Adjust Screen’s Display Settings

Both too bright and too dark display settings lead to an increase in eye strain as well as difficulty in focus. To remove the risk, adjust your screen’s brightness and contrast according to the environment you are in. Besides, avoid staring at your smartphone screen at night or in the dim light as it causes sleep-related issues.
protect your eyes from smartphone strain brightness

Increase Text Size

Larger texts are considered better for eyes as you don’t have to put stress on your eyes for reading such texts. Moreover, by increasing the text size on your phone, you can keep enough distance from the screen. It will protect your eyes from smartphone strain by providing enough relief.

Maintain Enough Distance

Generally, most people have the tendency to keep the screen of their phones close to their eyes. Such a close contact is more likely to cause eye-related problems as the blue light emitted by the digital screens have a damaging effect on retinas.

The optimum viewing distance to maintain from a digital screen is sixteen to eighteen inches. Although it’s not always possible to maintain such distance, yet it’s surely gonna get you a ‘thanks’ from your eyes.

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