Safari Taking up Your iPhone Space? Here’s the Fix


Is Safari taking up your iPhone space way more than it should? You’re not alone. iPhone users have tracked down that a great deal of their smartphone’s storage is hogged up only by Safari. It makes it difficult to install and upgrade other apps.  So, to restore their phone’s storage, they’re forced to disable Safari from the iPhones even if they’re fond of the browser. In case you’re tempted to do the same, wait a sec! Go through the post first; you’ll change your mind.

It is true; Safari hogs up MBs of space on iPhones. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to disable the app; rather, one of the sources that might help is Safari data. Consider removing the browsing data, history, reading lists and cookies from the browser and make some room on your iPhone. It’ll save MBs and even GBs of your iPhone’s space giving more storage on your smartphone for other apps.

Fix: Safari Taking up Your iPhone Space

How is Clearing Website Data Helpful for More Storage?

Whenever you visit a website for the first time, all the files (such as images, gifs, videos etc.) are stored in the browser’s cache. This way, when you return to that website in future, most of the data can be retrieved by your browser from the cache.

Similarly, in order to make your browsing experience easier and better every time, web browsers save your searches, passwords, profile details etc. This takes up a great amount of storage space on your web browser leading to less space for other apps. So, clearing this entire data is definitely going to free up a good amount of storage.

How to Clear Data from Safari Taking up Your iPhone Space

Getting a storage space error message always sucks. Remove website Data form Safari to get rid of such error message. Follow steps given below:

Safari taking up your iPhone space chwd

Go to Settings > Safari. Now tap “Clear History and Website Data”. All your website data, including history and cookies, removed; and you’ve got a good amount of storage back.

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How to Clear Cookies without Removing History

In case, you need to keep information like your personal details or passwords saved, you’ll only have to clear cookies and not your Safari’s History. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

Safari taking up your iPhone space rwd

  • Go to your device’s Settings
  • Tap Safari
  • Now tap Advanced
  • Go to Website Data and tap Delete
  • At the bottom of the list of all data, there’s an option “Remove All Website Data”. Tap on it.

How to Clear Offline Reading List

Reading lists in Safari are the offline-saved web pages that you can access anytime. And when you don’t need them anymore, you can easily remove these lists from the browser.

Safari taking up your iPhone space rl

  • Head to Settings > Safari. Locate “Offline Reading List” and swipe left. Tap Delete to remove the list.

We hope, this how-to article was helpful. Give your feedback in the comments section below.

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