CES 2018 Preview: What to Expect at Las Vegas Tech Show

CES 2018 Preview
CES 2018 Preview: What to Expect at Las Vegas Tech Show

CES 2018 is just around the corner, so brace yourself for an onslaught of new product announcements. As the New Year is the time for tech world to trot out the next generation of devices and for many tech companies, CES really sets the tone for the entire year’s product cycle. If you’re a tech geek, you’ll probably be excited to know when Consumer Electronics Show 2018 will officially kick off, what to expect from the show, and much more, right? Well, in this CES 2018 preview, all your top queries answered. Just stay on this post and read on.

CES 2018 Preview

When is CES 2018?

The official dates of the biggest tech show of the year are January 9 to January 12. Before the show’s doors open, there’re two full days of press-only events on January 7 and January 8. During these sessions, all leading companies like Samsung, Sony, and LG will ring up the curtains from their latest wares. The event will witness tech companies from all over the world gather in the cavernous halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center along with other locations sprinkled around Sin City.

What to Expect from Las Vegas Tech Show?

Let’s move ahead in our CES 2018 preview by making you aware of the top predictions for tech’s biggest show.

  1. Smart Home

CES 2018 Preview - Smart HomeAs we all know that the smart home ruled last year’s event and it’s showing no sign of slowing. If truth be told, connected hubs like Google Home and Amazon Echo

have taken home automation to the next level. So, you can expect more smart home devices at Consumer Electronics Show 2018 from the usual players such as Ring, Canary, and Kwikset.

  1. Smart Speakers

CES 2018 Preview - Smart Speakers2017 has witnessed that Amazon and Google opened their respective assistants up to third-parties. Though that actually happened in the middle of the year, around IFA 2017, as companies like JBL and Sony started launching their own versions of Home and Echo. This year’s CES is bound to witness an absolute influx of smart speakers from third-parties. 2018 will be the year when Google and Amazon try to emphasize how adaptable and flexible their assistants are.

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  1. AR and VR

CES 2018 Preview - AR and VRIn recent years, virtual reality has been a tent-pole CES attraction and that’s likely to continue to be the case. Qualcomm will be making a big push on this front via several partners. The chipmaker has been boasting its Snapdragon 835 dev kit and has already brought some high-profile partners on board for individual VR headsets. On the other hand, Google’s Daydream will likely have a big moment at the show.

  1. Wearables

CES 2018 Preview - WearablesCES 2018 is anticipated to be yet another year to show off wearables. The leading players in the space like Fitbit are likely to be present at the event. Past years have witnessed smart shoes and t-shirts and we’re likely to see more of the same in this year as well.

  1. Mobiles

CES 2018 Preview - MobilesCES 2018 preview reveals that it isn’t a big show for flagships, though all of the major smartphone makers will be present. However, Sony is one of the companies that love to use the tech show as a springboard for new phones. Past years have seen various new Xperia devices and indeed, one rocking for the 845 has been rumored for the show. Meanwhile, Huewei is also said to be launching some announced smartphones to CES, including MediaPad M5 and Mate 10.

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