Top 6 CES 2018 Tech Trends to Watch for

CES 2018 Tech Trends
Top 6 CES 2018 Tech Trends to Watch for

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is back with a bang. Now in its 51st year, the CES serves as the biggest platform for major companies in consumer electronics, automobiles, and more to showcase their latest innovations. Thousands of startups will vie for grabbing attention on their potentially avant-garde inventions. So what will CES 2018 have in store? In expectation of the invasion of technology news heading your way, we’ve rounded up 6 top CES 2018 tech trends that are sure to revolutionize the tech world.

Top CES 2018 Tech Trends

  1. The Voice Assistants are Everywhere

CES 2018 Tech Trends - Voice Assistants
Voice assistants made a big impact at CES last year, but next week when the CES 2018 will kick off they will be inescapable on the show floor. The leading companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft will take a break from endorsing their own devices to commence collaborations with third-parties. Virtual assistants are moving on from smart speakers and will be integrated into everything, ranging from cars to microwaves.

  1. Cities are Planning for the Future

CES 2018 Tech Trends - Cities are Planning for the FutureThere’s an estimation that around 60% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2030. And ever since its inception, CES is dedicating an area to smart city technology. It is anticipated to be one of the more globally focused areas with representatives from cities worldwide looking for ways to maintain their growing population.

  1. Sports Tech Goes Pro

CES 2018 Tech Trends - Sports Tech Goes ProAnother one of the biggest CES 2018 tech trends is that the sports zone will draw together trends that have emerged at CES over the years: augmented reality, wearables, sensors and apps to measure physical activities. Now, various companies are launching hardware and software for professional sports. They can be used to help injury recovery, aid performance or to offer real-time updates on a player’s performance during a big game. In the CES 2018, eSports will have a presence in the sports section.

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  1. Useful Robots

CES 2018 Tech Trends - Useful RobotsRobots have been a basis of the CES, but they’re generally more of a novelty than a real product. This year, all thanks to AI, advanced sensors, voice interfaces, and robots are crawling closer to become useful. One of the top CES 2018 tech trends to watch for is mobile service robots, having the ability to handle deliveries and other simple tasks. Given that smart assistants amplify their personalities and get enhanced in conversing and anticipating needs, so they can be a natural fit for robots.

  1. More Cars, Fewer Drivers

CES 2018 Tech Trends - More Cars, Fewer DriversThough CES is not a car show, many leading auto manufacturers will have ostentatious displays and events this year. This is because the focus has shifted from the newest car design and how they drive, to the technology inside. The biggest draw is self-driving features, but CES 2018 will also put an emphasis on how 5G networks will impact driving.

  1. Bad Ideas

CES 2018 Tech Trends - Bad IdeasFrankly speaking, the pioneering gadgets that are intended for mass adoption are the exception, not the rule at CES. A number of the products will be quickly forgotten just like last year’s WiFi connected trash can with voice controls. The most enjoyable parts of the biggest tech show are finding goofy and odd hardware.

So, these were the top 6 CES 2018 tech trends to watch for.

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Top 6 CES 2018 Tech Trends to Watch for
In expectation of the invasion of technology news heading your way, we’ve rounded up 6 top CES 2018 tech trends that are sure to upend the tech world.
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