10 Best Mac Apps You Should Download Right Now

Mac Apps
10 Best Mac Apps You Should Download Right Now

With Mac enticing many eyeballs day by day, various app developers are giving their best shot to take the user experience to the next level. Plenty of apps, ranging from antivirus apps to utility ones are being introduced every day. But how to look for the best apps to install on your Mac? Well, the ultimate way to get through this dilemma is to quickly read our post on Top 10 Mac apps. Let’s go!

Mac Apps You Must Download

  1. Google Chrome

Mac Apps You Must Download-Google Chrome
No matter how much popular Safari is; Google Chrome is still the first choice of millions across the globe. In case you’re one of those who have accustomed to this web-browsing king, the first thing you do after buying a new Mac or updating an old one is to download and install Google Chrome. What stands out Chrome from others is that it is feature-wise richer and a better choice while watching a Flash content than its Apple counterpart.

  1. Microsoft Office

Mac Apps You Must Download-Microsoft Office
When it comes to downloading essential software for any computer, the first name that comes to mind is Microsoft Office. Mac is not an exception in this case. Faster, smoother and easier than ever, Microsoft Office for Mac is the program you can’t ignore while customizing your laptop or PC. You can also sign up for Office 365 which is an online version of Microsoft Office.

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  1. 1Password

Mac Apps You Must Download-1Password
No need to put your private and financial security at risk by forgetting your passwords from now on! Download 1Password on your Mac to store everything important: from your passwords to credit card details and from product licenses to your passport numbers. You’ll only have to remember one password to open 1Password vault. In a nutshell, it’s one of the best apps every Mac user should own to keep potential security threats at bay.

  1. Alfred

Mac Apps You Must Download-Alfred
Alfred is one of the best Mac apps that helps you automate your tasks by providing you with the Workflows system, allowing you to create your own speed-boosting shortcuts instantly. Although you can get it for free from Apple store, you can opt for the paid version of the app if you love some serious automation.

  1. Evernote

Mac Apps You Must Download-Evernote
In case your work involves taking quick notes on a regular basis, Evernote is worth your attention. As compared to its competitors like Microsoft OneNote or Simplenote, the feature-rich interface of Evernote makes it the first choice among Mac users. Download Evernote on your Mac right now to get a more managed work experience.

  1. aText

Mac Apps You Must Download-aText
A.k.a. typing shortcuts, aText is a text expansion app saving you long typing hours. The combination of characters that you type is expanded into full words and even sentences. No need to waste your precious time on pressing the same keys while writing the same word or phrase!

  1. Wunderlist

Mac Apps You Must Download-Wunderlist
Whether you need to go for a shopping or plan your daily school assignments for the coming week, making a to-do list is the first thing to consider. If you’re in the habit of listing down all your tasks beforehand, Wunderlist will be a great help. It is super-easy to use and syncs well with the cloud. What makes the app a standout among its competitors like OmniFocus and Todoist is that it costs you zero bucks.

  1. DailyDisk

Mac Apps You Must Download-DailyDisk
Is your Mac taking an age to load programs and shut down? If so, DailyDisk is the app you need to download on your device right away! An old laptop or PC is full of unnecessary files that eat up too much space, making it slow. What DailyDisk will do for your Mac is that it will track down all those temporary disk-eating files and programs and eliminate them from your Mac in an instant, giving your Mac a speed-boost, that too for an affordable $9.99.

  1. Adium

Mac Apps You Must Download-Adium
One of the simplest and lightweight Mac apps, Adium is the best option to consider if you want to enhance your messaging experience. The app comes with zero complicated features and provides you with a number of plugin options to customize it the way you want. Although there are many alternatives to the app like YakYak or Apple’s iMessage with a simpler interface, you’d always want to choose Adium if you wish to go for multiple chat options in the same app.

  1. Pixelmator

Mac Apps You Must Download-Pixelmator
Not all of us are professionals when it comes to working on Photoshop, yet all of us wish to give our photo-editing skills a try. In case you’re looking for an app to restyle your images and photos, opt for Pixelmator to download on your Mac. Although it does not offer the high-end tools unlike Photoshop, Pixelmator still attracts people. Thanks to its simplified designs, support for layers, re-touching feature, and options for various paintbrushes along with a multitude of custom shapes. Above all, it syncs to iCoud to help you work on multiple systems.

So, these were our top picks related to apps that will make your Mac work amazingly. Did we miss any of your favorite Mac apps? If so, make them listed in the comments section below.

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