How to Increase Mac Speed for Free

Increase Mac Speed
How to Increase Mac Speed for Free

A brand new Mac is always a source of joy; it doesn’t take an age to load. On the contrary, your old Mac can give you a headache running at a snail’s pace. Wish to see your old Mac run like new? Read this post to learn all possible reasons that can slow your MacBook to a crawl as well as the ways to fix them in order to increase Mac speed.

Increase Mac Speed

  1. Close Resource-hungry Programs

Increase Mac Speed-Close Resource-hungry ProgramsSome Programs consume more energy than others, eating up a lot of space on your Mac. In order to make your Mac run faster than before, you’ll have to get rid of these programs. You can discover such programs using Activity Monitor in the Applications folder.

Activity Monitor displays 5 types of processes running on your Mac namely CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk and Network. To make your Mac fast, you need to close heavy programs from CPU section. Simply click the CPU tab and then CPU column to see the list of all running programs by the amount of CPU power they’re using. Find out which program is consuming a lot of CPU power. Select the app and click the X icon in the top-left corner of the screen.

  1. Limit Startup Items

Increase Mac Speed-Limit Startup ItemsThe more apps you install on your Mac, the slower it gets while starting up. The reason is that some of those apps start loading automatically whenever you boot your laptop or PC, consuming a great amount of system’s memory. To increase Mac speed, thus, you must disable unnecessary apps during startup. No need to waste time waiting for Safari, Chrome or Firefox etc. to load!

Take care of these startup programs by going to System Preferences > User & Groups. Click on your username. Now click on Login items and select the apps you want you don’t need at the startup.

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  1. Disable Visual Effects

Increase Mac Speed-Disable Visual EffectsNo doubt, visual effects on your Mac are attractive and so you like them turned on your laptop or PC; there’s no harm in disabling them to make your Mac run faster.

Open System Preferences > Dock

Uncheck the boxes with options “Animate Opening Applications,” and “Automatically Hide and Show the Dock

Now, click on “Minimize Windows using” and select “Scale Effect

  1. Clean Up Hard Drive

Increase Mac Speed-Clean Up Hard DriveCleaning up your hard drive is by far the most reliable and easiest way to increase Mac speed. It will remove all that has dropped your Mac’s speed such as cache files, apps, widgets, unseen trash, logs, and temporary files. You can clean up your Mac’s hard drive manually by going to each item one by one but that’s time-consuming. What to do then? We’ve got the good news! There are many free software on App Store, e.g. Dr. Cleaner, on App Store that helps you do this instantly and without any hassle.

  1. Remove Cache Files

Increase Mac Speed-Remove Cache FilesThe temporary data files used to speed up your laptop’s processes are called cache files. For instance, your web browser stores all the images, gifs, videos etc. of a webpage whenever you visit it for the first time. So, when you revisit the page, most of the data is retrieved from the browser’s cache. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? True, but it has a downside, too. The majority of junk on your Mac is mainly due to the user cache. So, by eliminating these cache files, you can clear up GBs of free space on your Mac, resulting in a faster Mac. In order to empty the cache on your Mac, do the following:

  • Launch the Finder window on your system and choose “Go to Folder” in Go menu
  • Type ~/Library/Caches and click enter
  • Open each of the folders that appear next and clean out everything inside them
  • Once done, repeat the same steps, but this time substitute ~/Library/Caches with /Library/Caches
  • Now, empty the trash by clicking the trash icon and then selecting “Empty Trash
  • Close the Finder window and restart your Mac
  1. Update Your Mac OS

Increase Mac Speed-Update Mac OSUsually, Macs are designed to take care of updating the OS by themselves, there’s nothing bad if you check this manually. In order to know your version of OS on Mac, simply click the Apple icon > About This Mac. In case, you have the latest version installed, everything’s fine. If not, update the latest version. It’s certainly going to increase Mac speed.

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How to Increase Mac Speed for Free
A brand new Mac is always a source of joy; it doesn’t take an age to load. Wish to see your old Mac run like new? Read this post to learn all possible reasons that can slow your MacBook to a crawl as well as the ways to fix them in order to increase Mac speed.
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