10 Bad Tech Habits You Should Break This Year

Bad Tech Habits
10 Bad Tech Habits You Should Break This Year

While technology is meant to help us lead an easy life, we’ve started habituating to some bad tech habits eventually that pose risk to our security, privacy as well as health. Not anymore! From this year onwards, resolve to keep these harmful tech practices at bay. To help you get started, we’ve curated 10 worst habits of tech that almost all modern users would be familiar with. Read on!

List of Bad Tech Habits You Should Discontinue From Today

  1. Having Weak Passwords

Bad Tech Habits-Having Weak PasswordsPutting your privacy and online security at risk should not be an option this year! Have you realized how harmful it is to keep a weak and predictable password for your accounts? If not yet, you should be aware from now on. Having a weak password is harmful; your accounts can be hacked as people can guess it out easily. Besides, creating same (that too, easily guessed) password for all accounts is equally harmful. If one of the accounts is hacked, your other accounts sharing that password will be in danger as well.

If you find it difficult to create strong passwords for your accounts, you can use a password manager such as LastPass, which are extremely good at generating unique, complicated passwords. Furthermore, keep your passwords noted down somewhere if you tend to forget them easily.

  1. Leaving Your Devices Unlocked

With a lot of private information stored on board, your devices and gadgets are a kind of security lockers which must be kept secure from unauthorized access. One of the ways how you can prevent your sensitive information, such as media files and personal messages, from falling into other hands is to keep your devices securely locked. To do that, set a strong password on the lock screen. If that looks a little laborious, use the pattern code or biometric authentication to unlock your devices and gadgets.

  1. Sharing one account with multiple users

Sharing your accounts or passwords with other people can put your privacy at risk. You’d never want to share your private data with others. Furthermore, someone can accidentally delete an important file or folder. If you need to share the same computer with someone, create a different user account for that person, or you can also create guest accounts if needed.

  1. Using Pirated Software

Opting for pirated software instead of genuine one is the riskiest of all bad tech habits that users seem never to quit. Pirated version of an app or software might save you bucks but can put you at great risk by bringing spyware and malware into your devices and gadgets. These malware programs are designed to steal your private information and use the same for wrong purposes. Besides, pirated software and apps are illegal and hence, should be avoided altogether.

Undoubtedly, some genuine software and apps are costly but there are their cheaper alternatives in the market which you can choose instead.

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  1. Not Getting Your Data Backed Up

It’s 2018, and technology is getting more modern than before! All thanks to the various cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, leaving your important data in the hands of fate will not your move this year. All you need to do is simply download the one you find handy. Besides, these services are cheap and host a user-friendly interface. They are also good for security reasons as you can encrypt your files and media before uploading.

Apart from these cloud storage services, you can have other storage options such as external hard drives to keep your precious memories and significant data with you forever. To extract more productivity from these drives, keep them in a safe place and regularly updated.

  1. Failing to Update Software

A new software update always accompanies better security and functionality, plus, fixes old bugs and vulnerabilities. In case you don’t update your software soon, hackers can take advantage of these vulnerabilities and harm your data and privacy. To secure your device and information, thus, update software as soon as there’s new one, or set up automatic updates for convenience.

  1. Too Much Screen Time

Bad Tech Habits-Too Much Screen TimeStaring at your device’s screen is one of those bad tech habits that you must break this year. The blue light emitted by a digital screen is damaging for eyes as well as can affect your sleeping habits. Don’t put too much eyes strain by using your device’s screen from too close. Make it a habit of keeping enough distance and taking frequent breaks. Besides, preserve your sleep cycles by switching to night mode while using your device at night. Want to learn how to protect your eyes from smartphone strain, read our comprehensive guide by clicking on the link.

  1. Keeping Your Laptop on Your Lap

Bad Tech Habits-Keeping Your Laptop on Your LapOne of the bad tech habits which you might have been overlooking all this time is keeping your laptop on your lap for a prolonged duration. According to studies, the heat and radiation emitted by laptops can cause various health issues, ranging from skin infect, back and neck pain to severe implications like lower sperm count and cancer.

To prevent anything like this to happen to you, make it a habit to place your laptop somewhere else like a table. And if you’d have to keep it on your lap for some reason (say you’re in your car), put something beneath it to prevent it from touching your skin from close.

  1. Keeping Your Phone at Bedtime

It may sound hard to do but keeping your smartphone with you in bed gets in the way of sound sleep. Even if you have the habit of texting at bedtime, make sure you place it in some other room before sleeping. And if you want your phone for an alarm notification in the morning, buy an alarm clock instead, to keep on your bed.

  1. Oversharing on Social Media

If you’re into the habit of sharing everything on social media, say, when you’re getting your mole ripped off your waist or when you’re ordering corns for lunch; you really need to change it this year. Your story (especially the petty things) is important for you; for others, it can be a headache. In fact, loads of posts and articles are uploaded on the internet to complain about how useless these kinds of posts are.

From this year onwards, leave this tech habit if you care about your image most. Restrict your social media sharing to selected posts and comments. Also, be relevant and useful while discussing things on social media. It not only makes an impression but also keeps your private life private.

Having great tech habits are vital for keeping your digital security, functionality and even your health in good shape. If you find this post about breaking bad tech habits useful, do let us know via the comments section below.

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