How to remove Mac Malware using Malwarebytes

remove Mac Malware
How to remove Mac Malware using Malwarebytes

No matter what OS you use, an invasion of privacy and security is always an alert. With more hacking attacks evolving day by day, a larger number of rescue software are created frequently to remove Mac malware once and for all. One of such programs is Malwarebytes. Navigate through this step-to-step guide to learn how you can use Malwarebytes to eliminate malware and virus threats from your system.

What is a Malware by the Way?

A malware is any “malicious software” that is designed to get illegal access to the system and harm its performance invading the owner’s privacy. What’s tricky here is that most of the time, a malware is disguised as an antivirus or antimalware. It seems like legitimate software but is actually made to harm you. To keep your financial and private life secure, it’s crucial to remove Mac malware from your system.

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Remove Mac Malware from the System

Unlike Windows, Macs don’t have an Add/Remove feature available for users where they can easily uninstall apps. Most of the users don’t know how to even detect and uninstall it. In case you’ve accidentally installed a malicious software on your Mac, you will need Malwarebytes to do the job for you. It will detect and remove Mac malware in an instant.

How to Install and Use Malwarebytes

Step 1: Download Malwarebytes from the Developer’s site. (Link:

Step 2: Go to Downloads folder and Double-click Malwarebytes setup file to open the installer.

Step 3: Follow instructions in the wizard and complete the action.

Step 4: Open Malwarebytes’ Anti-malware and Go for “Scan Now”. Click “Scan” tab on the left-side widget to see the results.

Step 5: Once the scan is complete, click “Quarantine Selected”. If you think an item should not be quarantined, uncheck it.

Step 6: Now click “Report” tab and select “Scan report” and click Delete.

Step 7: Go to “Quarantine” tab. Select individual items to delete them.

Step 8: Close the program and restart your computer.

Why Not Avoiding Malware in the First Place?

Prevention is better than cure. Hence, keeping malware at bay in the first place would be the best idea.

  1. To avoid malware entering your Mac, you must be aware what type of software you’re installing. Never download any software which claims to fix malware or virus issues by asking for money. You must never—ever—pay for malware removal!
  2. Keep your Mac system up to date. Update your apps only from a trusted developer from Mac App Store. Also, turn on automatic updates so as to fix issues automatically. Go to System Preference -> App Store Panel to do this.
  3. Instruct your Mac to allow apps only from trusted developers. For this, go to System Preferences and then Security and Privacy and General. Select “Allow Apps Download”, and choose your preference.

What do you usually do to keep your Mac safe? What else can you do to remove Mac malware from your system? Do you have additional suggestions? Share with us via comments.

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How to remove Mac Malware using Malwarebytes
Malware is a big threat that must be tackled timely. Read the post to know how you can use Malwarebytes to remove Mac malware and virus from your system.
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