Time to Delete Facebook! Here’s How to Do it

Delete Facebook
Time to Delete Facebook! Here’s How to Do it

It may be the time to ditch the behemoth social network Facebook. Reports suggest that the data of nearly 50 million users of Facebook has been obtained by Cambridge Analytica which is a political data firm. In the wake of the news, WhatsApp co-founder Brain Acton, who left Facebook in 2017, also posted a tweet that reads, “#DeleteFacebook”.Delete Facebook-Brian Action TweetIf you want to delete Facebook, then let’s make you aware that deleting Facebook is not a cake walk, although it is not too knotty which cannot be quitted by you.  Before deleting all your memories from Facebook, make sure to download all your personal information including your lovely pictures. Read on to have a backup of your Facebook data.

Here’s how to download your Facebook archive  

  • You can do this by simply navigating to Settings option
  • Next, Choose ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’ from General Account Settings
  • Hit ‘Start My Archive’ to complete the process

Once you are done with downloading your Facebook archive, feel free to delete Facebook.

You can delete Facebook if you want, but if you are leaving it only due to philosophical reasons concerning privacy, then don’t be so futile. If you are still finding joy in using Facebook, you may better go with tweaking your Facebook privacy settings.

Note: Make your mind to delete Facebook only if you really want, because once your account deleted, it cannot be recovered.

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All set to delete your Facebook account? Here we go:

  • Start the Facebook account deletion process by clicking here
  • Doing so will directly take you to the account deletion page
  • If you are searching Delete Facebook account option in Settings then all your efforts will go in vain as the giant platform does offer any such options, for some reason.
  • Now hit the button ‘Delete My Account’ as shown below

Delete Facebook-Click the Delete OptionHitting the button will not directly make you get rid of your Facebook account, although this will mark your account for termination and will not be accessible to other Facebook users.

Facebook doesn’t want you to go, thus it delays termination of your account for a few days after you make your request. During that period, if you sign in to your account, your Facebook account deletion request will be canceled. Hence, don’t think about checking FB again, else you have to start the delete Facebook account process all over again.

According to FB, certain things like comments you have posted on other FB users posts will still appear as a mark of your footprint even if you deleted your account.

The Delete Facebook process may take up to 90 days to completely vanish your account and the info related to it, while during that time no one would be able to catch you.

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Time to Delete Facebook! Here’s How to Do it
Reports suggest, nearly 50 million users of Facebook has been obtained by Cambridge Analytica. Now, users are endorsing the #deleteFacebook movement.
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