How to Get Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 8

Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 8
How to Get Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 8

Finally, it’s here! Samsung is, at last, rolling out Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 8 across various carriers. As per reports from users, AT&T has unveiled the Oreo 8.0 version on the Note 8 phones earlier this week; which was then followed by Verizon and Sprint devices as well.

Until all the carriers brought the Andiord O for your device, you may have to wait a bit. In order to ensure the smooth working of Android Oreo on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8; networks, developers, and manufacturers prefer to hold off for a while before releasing the big updates as these to the wider range of devices. This helps in fixing the bugs (if any) early before introducing them to more customers.

Although you will have to wait to get notified of the next OS version update, you can check this for yourself in order to speed the process up. Let’s have a look at how you can update Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 8 by yourself.

How to Install Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 8

Note: Before updating the Android version on your phone, make sure you have closed all other apps and processes beforehand. This is necessary as the update process starts with rebooting. Besides, take your memory card (if there’s any) off your smartphone and back up your important phone data.

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Now, let’s get started:

  1. Launch Settings on your Android smartphone

Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 8-Open Settings

  1. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Software Update

Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 8-Open Software Update

  1. Now, tap the Download Updates Manually option

Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 8-Open Download Updates Manually

  1. These two scenarios are possible on the next screen:
  • If there isn’t any update available yet, wait for some days and get back to these settings again
  • If an update is available, you’ll be directed to the “changelogscreen where you’ll be given three options for installing the available update: “Install Now,” “Install Overnight,” and “Later”. Choose any one as per your suitability

Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 8-Select One Option among Install Now or Install Overnight or Later

  1. If you tap the “Install Now” option, your smartphone will restart right away to start the updating process. Wait for some minutes and your new Android Oreo will be ready to use on your Note 8

Interestingly, Android 8.0 Oreo brings to users a handful of nice features to enhance their experience. Improvements like smarter Wi-Fi, faster boot times, improved ‘cut and paste’ functionality, picture-in-picture multitasking, and notification dots are already gaining the attention of users. Once you, too, have the Oreo on your Note 8, you’ll feel the difference.

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How to Get Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 8
Samsung, at last, brings Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 8 across various carriers. Walk through the post to learn how you can get it on your Note 8 device.
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