How to Bulk Remove Apps on Facebook to Improve Privacy

Bulk Remove Apps on Facebook
How to Bulk Remove Apps on Facebook to Improve Privacy

A big move amid the privacy and security scandals! The new bulk app removal tool by Facebook lets you cut off from all those third-party apps at once that you have authorized an access to your account till date. Over the course of your time on Facebook, you might have permitted a number of apps to collect data from your account, letting your privacy prone to cyber stealing. To make up for all the loss, the social media giant has now rolled out a new tool that allows you to bulk remove apps on Facebook in a jiffy.

Why this move? The grounds for this tool are made on the recent Cambridge Analytica events which caused a furor from users last month (resulting in the #DeleteFacebook campaign) when sudden revelation laid bare the generous access of third-party apps to users’ information. According to Facebook, the company has little to no control over this matter. However, with the development of this tool, Facebook has assured the users an improvement in their FB accounts’ privacy and security. Not only does this tool helps users to bulk remove apps on Facebook but it also makes sure the complete removal of all those posts that these apps may have posted on your timeline.

Let’s have a look at the actions described below that you can perform to use the bulk third-party app removal tool to clean up your privacy.

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How to Bulk Remove Apps on Facebook

Earlier, you had to delete third-party apps individually: a process pretty difficult to manage. However, now you can select as many apps as you want to disconnect them from your account. Although the company has stated that Facebook will automatically delete the third-party apps that haven’t been activated by the user in three months, you can still take charge of doing the task by yourself to limit the data usage of these apps.  Here’s how you can bulk remove apps on Facebook:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click the downward-facing arrow in the top-right corner. (Mobile users need to tap the three horizontal lines at the bottom and select Settings)
  3. Navigate to the Apps section

Bulk Remove Apps on Facebook-Click the Apps Section

  1. Select the apps you wish to remove from your account
  2. Click/tap the remove button at the top

Bulk Remove Apps on Facebook-Remove the Apps and their Posts

  1. A prompt will ask you whether you want to remove the posts these third-party apps may have posted on your timeline. Check the box that asks you the same and click/tap Remove

That’s all it takes! Unlike the previous, cumbersome process of third-party apps deletion, you can, now, bulk remove apps on Facebook in an instant. This being a nice move on Facebook’s part to improve privacy and security of their users, there’s still a long way to go to ensure a completely safe platform where we can hang out free from any kind of cyber fear.

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How to Bulk Remove Apps on Facebook to Improve Privacy
Precipitated by Cambridge Analytica fallout, the social media giant has rolled out a new tool that allows you to bulk remove apps on Facebook in a jiffy.
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