Voice Recording Lock on WhatsApp Now Rolls out for Android Beta

Voice Recording Lock on WhatsApp
Voice Recording Lock on WhatsApp Now Rolls out for Android Beta

WhatsApp for Android has received the latest beta versions 2.18.102 which bring to users more convenience to recording their voice messages. This feature was added to WhatsApp for iPhone in November. It is intended to make those users’ experience easier who are in the habit of sending a lot of voice messages. With the voice recording lock on WhatsApp, they will not have to keep holding the record button while recording voice messages.

Voice Recording Lock on WhatsApp: How it Works

This voice message recording lock feature works the same way on Android as it does on iOS. All you need to do is:

  • Open a conversation on WhatsApp
  • Tap and hold the record button in the bottom-right corner for 0.5 seconds
  • Slide your finger up towards the lock button right when it appears
  • Record your voice message and tap the Send button

All this means you won’t have to hold the mic button while speaking. Once you lock your voice message recording, everything is easier. This saves the hassle you may have to face while recording long voice messages on WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo confirms the feature has been added to Android Beta version 2.18.102:
Voice Recording Lock on WhatsApp-WABetaInfo Tweet

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Interestingly, there’s another feature that WhatsApp for Android beta is receiving after it has already been tested on iOS devices—in-app YouTube Playback. This feature is designed to play YouTube videos inside the WhatsApp app, just as in Facebook Messenger. Up until now, when you receive a YouTube video link, you had to tap it to open the video in the YouTube app. However now, you can play the video within the conversation.

As per WABetaInfo reports, apart from the voice recording lock on WhatsApp, the company will also roll out an option in its next version for Android which will allow users to listen to their voice message before sending it to their contacts.

The features of in-app YouTube playback and voice recording lock on WhatsApp are not yet included in the stable version of WhatsApp for Android. To enjoy these features on your Android device, you need to participate in the official WhatsApp Beta Program on Play Store.

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Voice Recording Lock on WhatsApp Now Rolls out on Android Beta
With the latest Android Beta feature, voice recording lock on WhatsApp, users will not have to keep holding the mic button while recording voice messages.
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