5 Tricks to Gain Access to a Locked Android Phone

Gain Access to a Locked Android Phone
5 Tricks to Gain Access to a Locked Android Phone

Security codes and patterns are designed to improve the security of our devices, but they can be a thorn in the flesh when things go wrong. In the course of your owning a device, you must have faced the day when your device slammed its doors in your face because of your forgetting of the security code or pattern. Chances are, you resolved the matter soon after recalling your security pin or pattern. But if not, your locked device had become as cold as ice in response. No need to panic though! The help is at hand if you’re facing it again. Scroll down this how-to article to learn 5 different ways to gain access to a locked Android phone.

However difficult it may seem, the locking down of an Android device is a minor setback which you can resolve easily. Let’s see how.

How to Gain Access to a Locked Android Phone

Some of the methods mentioned below apply only to limited versions of Android, so choose your method appropriately to know how you can access locked Android device.

Method 1: Visit Android Device Manager

This trick works only if you have linked your device with your Google account.

  • Use another computer or device to open Android Device Manager Website or download its app
  • Once in, sign into your associated Google account
  • Navigate to the left side of your screen and click/tap the Lock option underneath your device’s name. This way you’ll be able to set up a temporary password for your device lock screen
  • Enter the new password and then, re-enter it to confirm
  • Click/tap Lock at the bottom of the window
  • Wait at least for five minutes and enter your new password into your device’s lock screen to hack the secured screen on Android

Method 2: Befool Your Pattern Lock

This method belongs to the pattern lock on Android versions 4.4 and below. Follow the steps below to gain access to a locked Android phone:

To reset the lock screen options, you need to perform five failed logins. Pass through at least four points on the pattern field. You’ll be given a prompt asking if you have forgotten your password. Tap “Forgot Password”.

On the next screen, you’ll see two alternatives to bypass your locked Android screen. Either you can provide the pin you set up while creating the pattern lock or you can access your Google account to hack your locked Android phone.

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Method 3: Use the Android SDK

This method works only if you have the following things in the past when you were locked out of your Android device:

  1. You previously turned On USB debugging in the Android device Developer menu.
  2. You connected your Android phone in the past to your computer via ADB.

Perform the following actions if you have fulfilled these two conditions mentioned above:

  • Download and install an appropriate Android SDK for you by clicking the this link
  • Connect your Android smartphone to your computer via a USB
  • Open the ADB installation directory namely “Tools” by heading to Windows Explorer > SDK Installation Directory
  • Hard-press Shift button on the keyboard and right-click the ADB directory to open Command Prompt
  • Once the Command Prompt opens, enter adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key and press Enter
  • Unplug your smartphone from the computer and restart. There should be no pattern lock on your device’s lock screen
  • Now, set a lock immediately to prevent your old password from restoring

Method 4: Weigh down the Password Lock Screen

You can try out this method to hack secured screen on Android if you have the Android versions 5.0 and 5.1.1 on your device. Besides, this method works only for password locks. All you need to do is:

  • Tap the Emergency Call option on your password lock screen
  • When the dialer show up, enter ten asterisks into the given slot
  • Copy these ten asterisks by double-tapping them
  • Now, tap at the end of the last asterisk and tap on the “Paste” option. This will make the number of these asterisks 20
  • Keep adding the asterisks over and over until there’s no space left to add more
  • Now, get back to the lock screen and swipe up from the bottom to access the camera
  • Enter your phone’s settings through the notification panel
  • When you’re asked to enter a password, tap and hold the password field and select “Paste” to paste the previous asterisks here
  • Repeat this process until your device’s lock screen crashes. This will allow you to gain access to a locked Android phone

Method 5: Factory Reset the Device

This must be your last resort. The factory reset will remove all the data from your Android phone, bringing it to the state when you bought it. If you’re using this trick on someone else’s device which runs Android 5.1 or later, you’ll be disappointed as their device will require the associated Google account’s details after you’ve removed all the data.

To factory reset your data, switch off the device by pressing down the Power button. Hard press the Power button and Volume up button (and Home button if your device has any) together. Use power button to enter the “Recovery Mode” and select “wipe data/factory reset” option. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes to wipe all the data out. Once done, you need to log in to your Google account to have most of your settings back. Factory reset may remove your data if you haven’t made a back up in the past but it will surely enable you to gain access to a locked Android phone.

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5 Tricks to Gain Access to a Locked Android Phone
Security codes and patterns can be a thorn in the flesh when things go wrong. Read more to learn 5 different ways to gain access to a locked Android device.
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