Facebook Offers $40,000 Data Abuse Bounty if You Find a Data Leak

Facebook Data Abuse Bounty
Facebook Offers $40,000 Data Abuse Bounty if You Find a Data Leak

After the revelation of the shocking Cambridge-Analytica data scandal this year in March, the social media giant lost all trust of its users, provoking the massive #deleteFacebook movement. Since then, the company has made every promise it can to make its users believe they will do anything to prevent any kind of potential data breach in the future. In that event, Facebook has announced a $40,000 data abuse bounty to those who report any kind of data leak.

The company announced this data abuse bounty program on Tuesday, explaining its objective to encourage each and every user to contribute to the company’s investigation into policing more existing data abusers on the platform. This will help in preventing more such incident from happening in the future. As per the bounty program, each and every Facebook user, who reports a Facebook app developer that misuses the collected data, will receive a data abuse reward from Facebook starting from $500 to $40,000. It seems as if now the company is finally taking it all seriously, promising a proactive approach to secure their giant platform for users by monitoring it more enthusiastically.

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Facebook $40,000 Data Abuse Bounty-Data Abuse BannedAs a reaction to the Cambridge Analytica event, Facebook has already banned many culprit data harvesters in this week and also fixed various app settings prone to such abuse. The Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerburg is scheduled to attend two congressional hearings in Washington in 24 hours. In such event, many analytics have predicted the outcome of the hearings. Earlier we received reports that suggest that Facebook may have to pay the FTC approximately $7.1 trillion. Now, the company’s move to announce the bounty reward for Facebook users is definitely going to win bountiful hearts and the trust they once showed to Facebook.

If you want to be a contributor to the Facebook’s data abuse bounty program, click this link to know more about it.

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Facebook Offers $40,000 Data Abuse Bounty if You Find a Data Leak
To prevent potential data abusers from misusing collected user information, Facebook announced a $40,000 data abuse bounty to those who report data leak.
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