How to Manage Android O Notification Channels on Your Device

Android O Notification Channels
How to Manage Android O Notification Channels on Your Device

All of the recent versions of Android offer something advanced to the users but when it comes to Android Oreo’s notification channels, it’s something unsurpassable. In this post, we’re going to let you know how you can make the most of Android O Notification Channels on your smartphone. But before that, let us, first, understand what exactly it means.

What are Notification Channels?

Basically, Notification Channels provide users with a kind of granular control over the notification tray to help them organize each and every notification they receive. This is a system by which app developers to divide their notifications according to types. Things move to users, then, who can set levels of importance for these notification divisions.

Users are given four types of importance levels: Urgent, High, Medium, and Low. These levels offer different settings of sound as per the urgency they contain.

Besides this, you can enable/disable notification dots and the blinking of light for the different groups of notifications. You can also decide on how much notification content should be shown on the lock screen.

Note that notification categories are made by developers for their specific apps, so it is possible that different apps offer different notification groups (something which is primarily based on the use of the app). For instance, Google Calendar has only one notification group while WhatsApp supports 10 notifications groups.

All said and done, let’s get to how you can manage Android O Notification Channels as per your requirements.

Manage Android O Notification Channels

While Google has updated most of the primary apps to include Notification Channels in Android Oreo devices, there are still some apps that don’t yet support this feature. To use notification channels for individual apps, do as follows:

  • Launch Settings app from the Home screen or access Quick Settings panel by swiping down the notification bar and tapping the gear icon
  • Tap the “Apps and Notifications” settings
  • Select “App Info

Manage Android O Notification Channels-Settings-Apps and Notifications-App Info

  • Navigate to the app you want to use the notification channels for and tap on it
  • Once in, select “App notifications
  • Under the Categories section, you’ll see different notification channels or groups. Toggle each category as per your need

Manage Android O Notification Channels-WhatsApp Notification Groups-Others

  • Moving on to the Advanced section, you’ll find there the settings for notification dots and light control

Manage Android O Notification Channels-WhatsApp Notification Groups-Advanced

  • If the app offers more channel settings, there will be an option at the bottom saying “Additional notifications in the app

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Customize a Specific Notification

In case you want to give a specific notification a tweak, you don’t need to access the Settings app. Instead, you can customize individual notifications right after they appear. This you can do straight from the notification area.

When you receive a notification, swipe down the notification bar. Take your fingertip to the notification and swipe it to the right very slightly. (Make sure you don’t rush, else you’ll end up dismissing it). Now tap the gear icon to bring up the app (that sent the notification) and the different notification channels it supports. Tap “All Categories” to open the app’s notification options in the Settings menu. Here, you can easily manage notification channels for this particular app to suit your needs.
Manage Android O Notification Channels-Customize a Specific Notification-Tap the gear iconThat’s all for using and managing Android O Notification Channels! To be quite frank, Notification Channels is not a user-friendly tool and hence, may not elicit a basic user. On the contrary, it’s designed to assist more power users. Perhaps, it for this reason, that the tool is well hidden inside the settings of your smartphone. So, you’re not likely to stumble upon it if you don’t want to use it.

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When it comes to Android O Notification Channels, it’s something unsurpassable. Walk through the article to know how you can easily manage these channels.
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