WhatsApp CEO Leaving Facebook after Data Privacy Clash

WhatsApp CEO Leaving Facebook
WhatsApp CEO Leaving Facebook after Data Privacy Clash

Facebook data privacy scandal has again come up with something the company never wanted. After a series of abject follow-ups like the massive #DeleteFacebook movement and Zuckerburg facing a row of hearings, another one has popped up in the form of WhatsApp CEO leaving Facebook soon. Yes, it’s true! WhatsApp co-founder Jan Kuom is all set to step down from Facebook forever.

Back in 2014, Jan Kuom and Brian Action sold WhatsApp to the social media giant for the grand sum of $19bn. At that time both Action and Kuom secured a position on the board of directors of the parent company. But now the scenario has totally been changed as both signed off with Action leaving last year and Kuom recently.

Kuom’s departure is final and he himself confirmed that in a Facebook post:
WhatsApp CEO Leaving Facebook-Jan Kuom's Declaration on a Facebook PostIn reply to this, Zuckerburg mentioned in comments:

Jan: I will miss working so closely with you. I’m grateful for everything you’ve done to help connect the world, and for everything you’ve taught me, including about encryption …

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It’s sad to see the founding fathers of the IM app quitting the platfrom when it’s on its peak! But the decision is quite natural. Both Action and Kuom have been apostles of user privacy and security. At the time of handing WhatsApp over to Facebook, both co-founders promised to retain the sanctity of the app, saying the users’ account would never have to be a product of the parent company. To support their words, they brought end-to-end encryption to the IM platform along with preventing calls from government agencies into WhatsApp.

However, Facebook officials didn’t keep their words. Last year, the company forced WhatsApp to make some modifications to the terms of service in order to provide it with the users’ phone numbers. Besides, they also pushed WhatsApp team to unify WhatsApp users’ profiles over both platforms to improve Facebook friends’ recommendation feature.

This all made way for the contention between Facebook and Kuom who didn’t approve of these privacy intrusions, making Facebook pushing the withdrawal of their annual subscription fee of $0.99. As per reports, this was nothing but Facebook’s attempt to sneak into WhatsApp users’ messages.

Now, as we see the WhatsApp CEO leaving Facebook after four years of the above data privacy clash, it seems Kuom has fed up (just like Action had) from Facebook’s never-ending intrusions and privacy policy violation practices.

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WhatsApp CEO Leaving Facebook after Data Privacy Clash
Zuckerberg’s problems don’t seem to end, with WhatsApp CEO leaving Facebook forever in the wake of Facebook’s privacy scandals. Read more on the story.
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