Facebook Unveils Tool to Clear Facebook Browsing History

Clear Facebook Browsing History
Facebook Unveils Tool to Clear Facebook Browsing History

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a post that the social media platform is on its way to build a new privacy control feature namely ‘Clear History’ to enable users’ clear Facebook browsing history. Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, the upcoming feature is perhaps fb’s biggest update.

The feature will allow users to have a check on apps and websites that send information to FB when being used by them. With the launch of Clear History feature, users will be able to delete information about apps and websites from their account along with turning off FB’s ability to store user’s data.

Mark compared the FB’s ‘Clear History’ feature with the option of clearing cookies in a browser. He explaining the tool said that if users go with clear history tool, it may worsen their FB experience as they may have to configure things again and again by relearning their history. If you are still interested to clear Facebook Browsing History, read on.

Clear Facebook Browsing History

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Navigate to Settings and click Activity Log option
  • Here, you’ll be prompted to clear your data history
  • Hit Clear History and you’re done

Note: The official rollout of the Clear History feature may take few months to be on board, but it is grabbing the attention of a number of users’, prompting a range of reactions from gags to compliments.
textClear Facebook Browsing History-Tweet 2Zuckerberg said that the aim of introducing the tool is to put more power into the hands of FB users for determining what they wish to share. Facebook collects users’ data for an array of reasons, out of which targeting users with ads is the major one.  For instance, if you explore apparels at some site, but don’t buy them, Facebook may later show an ad for those same apparels to allure you.

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Earlier there was no way to make a stab at the social giant from collecting and using your data, but now you can! You can now restrict Facebook from using your data by deleting your browsing history from FB’s servers or by asking FB not to gather your data, to begin with.

Although you can restrict Facebook from collecting your data, your data can still be retained by companies that use FB for analytics purpose, confirmed by a spokesperson. However, the data collected by such companies would not be glued to your profile or used to target you through ads.

The upcoming feature will work only for those who have FB account. Rest won’t be able to opt out of this browsing data collection.

Zuck will announce the ‘Clear Facebook browsing history’ feature today onstage at Facebook’s annual F8 Developer Conference.

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Facebook Unveils Tool to Clear Facebook Browsing History
Mark Zuckerberg said in a post that Facebook is on its way to build a new privacy control feature to enable users’ to clear Facebook browsing history.
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