How to Record your iPhone Screen without Jailbreak

Record your iPhone Screen
How to Record your iPhone Screen without Jailbreak

Recording your smartphone’s screen would be easy if you’re using iOS 11 because it has an inbuilt screen recording tool that you can use. But on iOS 10 or lower, you’ll have to buckle down a bit to record your iPhone screen.

The best way will be to update your iPhone to iOS 11 and use the default screen recorder. But if that doesn’t sound like your move, you can take the help of a third-party app. There are apps like Reflector that are designed for this task but they cost money and need a computer to work. Or, you can try Cydia apps but they need a jailbreak first. It seems all of them have a hitch.

Fortunately, there’s something fills all the gaps in this case. AirShou from Shou.TV is an efficient tool that enables you to record your iPhone screen for free without the need of jailbreak. iOS App Store doesn’t have this app, so you’ll have to download it from an external source. Note: It’s not certain the app will work on iOS 7 and 8. So, you’ll have to give it a shot; it may work for you.

All said, let’s see how you can use AirShou to get your screen recorded without any hassle. Keep Reading!

Record your iPhone Screen without Jailbreak

Step 1: Download AirShou

Since the app isn’t in the App Store, you can download it from a different source. Click here to get the app on your iPhone or you can search Google for a source of your choice.

Step 2: Install and Open AirShou

Downloading the app from an external source makes it untrusted, so your iPhone’s gonna ask you if you trust the developer while installing the app on your iPhone. To resolve this, head to Settings > General. Tap Profiles and Device Management and select the profile that contains your app. Tap Trust.
Record your iPhone Screen-Trust the Developer

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Step 3: Record the Screen and Finalize

Everything done with the setup! Now, launch the app to start your screen recording process. Log in or create a new account. Once in, head to the main menu and tap Record. Give a name to your recording and select your desired orientation.
Record your iPhone Screen-Select OrientationChoose your iOS device from the AirPlay list and toggle Mirroring on. Now, you’re ready to record your iPhone screen.
Record your iPhone Screen-Select Your Device and Toggle Mirroring OnOnce your recording is complete, tap the red banner. And just as you do it, the app will take you back to the Record screen. Tap the icon at the top to open the recordings list. Here, select your recording name. You’ll be having four options; you can play it right there, save the recording to your camera roll, or delete it. Or, you can open it in some application such as iFile and also share it with your contacts.
Record your iPhone Screen-Open Your Recording to Play itWhile some apps may prevent AirShou from recording your screen for privacy concerns, the app will work well for most app screens that you might be thinking of recording on your iPhone device.

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How to Record your iPhone Screen without Jailbreak
On iOS 10 or lower, you’ll have to buckle down a bit to record your iPhone screen as they don't have an inbuilt screen recorder. Read the post to know more.
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