Quick Fix: 10 Common Android Issues

Android Issues
Quick Fix: 10 Common Android Issues that Drove you Insane

Android device causing trouble? No need to put your patience to test any longer. Here’s a complete guide of unfailing solutions to 10 Android issues every user faces now or then.

Whatever popularity iOS enjoys in the market, there’s no match for Android when it comes to reliability, security, and budget-friendliness. There will still be a time when your Android device gives you a pain in the neck. Good news! You can solve all your Android issues with a simple workaround. Let’s get going!

10 Common Android Issues Solved

  1. Google Play Store Crashes

Common Android Issues Solved-Google Play Store Crashes (1)

Google Play Store is amazing! You can install almost any app from here. Plus it offers more apps for free as compared to its counterparts. But if it crashes, the can be one of the most annoying Android issues.

If the problem occurs while you’re launching it, there might be a corrupt cache which you can fix by clearing it. All you need to do is open Settings > Apps. Head to the “All” tab. Tap Google Play Store and remove cache and data. Now, restart your phone.

However, if that doesn’t do you any good, wipe cache and data for Google Play Services and Google Services Framework as well, reboot your phone. Read more at How to Fix Google Play Store Crashes on Your Phone.

  1. Insufficient Storage

Common Android Issues Solved-Insufficient Storage

Owing to the heaps of apps and games installed on their device, Android users fall short of storage space quite soon, no matter how much storage their phones boast of.

The best and easiest way to resolve this issue is to wipe out heavy apps and media from your smartphone. Use your device’s Settings app to delete installed apps. For the downloaded media files, head to the location on which it is stored. If you can’t locate it on your own, try using some third-party app like DiskUsage to get a visual display of all your files and their size.

  1. Google Play Not Downloading Apps

Common Android Issues Solved-Google Play Not Downloading Apps

There are two things you can do if you face this Google Play issue. Either you can wipe out the Play Store’s history or its cache.

This is the best way to bring your Play Store back in action. To erase the cache, do as follows:

  • Open Settings > Apps
  • Head to the “All” tab
  • Select Google Play store and erase its cache and data
  • Restart your device

Although it should fix your issue, you can give the second method a shot if the above fix doesn’t do you any good. Follow the instructions below:

  • Launch Google Play Store
  • Open Settings
  • Wipe out all the history
  1. Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Common Android Issues Solved-Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi

If you’re sure you’ve entered the right password (if any) for the right network and you’re still getting the issue, then it’s your router’s fault, not your Android device’s. All you need to do is restart both your router and device and try reconnecting them.

In case you’re getting an error notification for obtaining IP address, you’ll need a helping hand from a third-party app like WiFix by mHotspot to fix this. But if a third-party app fails to bring a solution to you, try using a static IP address. For more details on this Android fix, read our article on How to Fix WiFi Connectivity Issues on Android.

  1. Forgot Lock Screen Password

Common Android Issues Solved-Forgot Lock Screen Password

It’s ok, that is normal! You can forget your lock screen password; after all, you’re a human, not a robot. The thing is most times it’s the factory reset that you have to do in this case. But before you wipe all your dear stuff from your mobile, try these 5 ways to break into your locked Android phone.

  1. Android Phone doesn’t Turn On

Common Android Issues Solved-Android Phone doesn’t Turn On

The most annoying of all Android issues; if your device doesn’t start any longer, you’re probably thinking of throwing it to the trash can. But before that, try out these simple workarounds.

Remove your phone’s battery and insert it again. If you have a non-removable battery, hard press the power button for fifteen seconds while you’ve plugged it into a power source. If these fail, visit a professional to get your device serviced.

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  1. Can’t Find Downloads

Common Android Issues Solved-Can’t Find Downloads-ES File Explorer

By default, all your downloaded files are stored in a folder named “Download”. You can find this folder in the default explorer. In case you can’t locate it, install a third-party explorer. The best one is ES File Explorer. Once installed, head to sdcard > Download. That’s where you’ll find your downloaded files.

  1. Memory Card Not Detected

Common Android Issues Solved-Memory Card Not Detected

This Android problem seems to be most recurring…what’s wrong with SD cards by the way? The first thing to do is take it out and reinsert it in your phone. It’s better to format your SD card from within. To do that, open Settings > Storage. Tap “Format SD card” at the bottom.  Again, select “Format SD card”.

In case that fails, connect your microSD card with your computer using a card reader. You can use effective data recovery software for a non-readable SD card.

  1. System UI Not Working

Common Android Issues Solved-System UI Not Working

Now, that’s too annoying! Sometimes due to such reasons as third-party apps or updating your Google app ends up in sending an error “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped.” This hinders the app’s working. To solve this, you may try restarting your Android device. If that doesn’t work, erase the System UI cache. Here’s how you can do so:

  • Open Settings > Apps
  • Tap “All” tab by swiping left
  • Tap System UI
  • Erase the cache and restart your device

Alternatively, you can uninstall any third-party app and Google App updates to resolve this issue.

  1. I Installed Malware on my Phone!

Common Android Issues Solved-I Installed Malware on my Phone

Malware finds their way to an Android device with the help of cracked games and apps. So, avoid downloading from a non-trusted store or website. However, if you have already installed malware on your device, you’ll need to uninstall the app or game that brought it.

If you can’t recognize where the malware come from, take the help of a malware scanner like Lookout. This app is really effective in wiping out malicious applications super-easily and securely.

No matter how small or huge an Android problem may look, it can be a complete nuisance if not treated on time and in the right way. No doubt, Android is the most robust of all Operating Systems; it can still have its share in easy-to-complex hiccups. No need to shrug it off if you’re having trouble with your OS. Simply try these workarounds and resolve your Android issues in no time.

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Quick Fix: 10 Common Android Issues
Android device causing trouble? Here’s a complete guide of unfailing solutions to 10 Android issues every user faces now or then. Read on.
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