What not to do with your digital business cards

digital business cards
What not to do with your digital business cards

Digital business cards are no longer a novelty. They are, in fact, a rising trend and are certainly here to go the distance. While there’s a lot been said about how effective your digital business cards can be for your business and what all you must consider doing with them, let’s have a quick look at some of the points you must not consider doing when it comes to dealing with your digital business cards.

This is not a technical manual of the do’s and don’ts, it’s simply meant to discuss a few general things surround these smart virtual business cards that are already taking the world by the storm.

The most common don’ts of digital business cards:

  1. Do not use an unprofessional image or company logo

Your picture or logo you use on your digital business card should ideally be professional in all aspects. It implies that you must not include a still captured from a tropical vacation, a logo that isn’t your official business mark, a college yearbook picture or, perhaps, a selfie taken at some amusement park. With your Idencard picture, try making sure you look exactly as you do when meeting with clients in any professional context or while at work.

  1. Do not forget to regularly update your important information

If you change phone numbers, social links, professional titles, workplace addresses, employers, or other key details, make sure you update your digital business card immediately. Changes you make on your digital business cards such as Idencard are made visible to your connections straight away, ensuring they always stay abreast of your most up-to-the-date information that will surely accentuate the effectiveness of your card.

  1. Do not underestimate those who are yet to go digital with their business cards

If you meet someone who offers you a traditional physical business card, do not underestimate them, highlight it, criticize them, or try to crack jokes about their lack of technical agility.

There are people who just love to stick to stick to the old-school rules or want to see others making a switch before they go for it themselves and then, even, there are people who might just be trying to get over that last stack of physical cards they got printed months or even years back. Your digital card and gesture will make a mark and prove inspirational enough for them to take the digital route.

  1. Do not feel awkward to present a digital card when everyone else around is going traditional

You should feel proud of the aesthetic, message, appearance and handiness of your digital business cards. There is no harm in ‘being different’ and sharing your contact information and other vital credentials to someone in a highly unique manner.

Therefore, you must ensure you never downplay any aspect of using a digital business card. One of the best things you can do is to never make an apology for your irreverence for the convention. Consider yourself as a pacemaker and industry thought leader who is not anxious about being inventive.

So, the next time someone asks you if you’ve got a business card at hand, answer back with ‘no. I have something better’. Then offer them your smart digital business card. This unique style of response is destined to intrigue the other party, boost your image, make a lasting impression to ensure you stay remembered by the end of the day and, no doubt, it is a definite conversation starter.

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What not to do with your digital business cards
While there's been said much about how useful digital business cards can be for your brand, let’s have a look at some do's and don'ts while considering them
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